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Drinkables in ETO in and after WW 2. Plus

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Yes, I already posted this in another forum but maybe its worthwhile repeating for some that missed it.

Kinda long and maybe boring but quite factual.


Seems liske we were always "scrounging" (or looting) such drinkables as wine, cognac, calvados, anasette, beer when lucky, along with other such things. How about it Sgt. Leo? Remember? Not to mention civilian food when possible, but thats another thing. Of course at ETO wars end our Military shipped over grain for German breweries to make beer for G.I. consumption which was great. If I remember correctly our company was issued a keg per night for after hour consumption by our company in a

home made "beer garden". Rough made but adequate.Also wine was available on the local

market along with some schnaps. Cigarettes were the usual trade commodity for this. Along with this our D.P. camps (Displaced Personel, like the Polish and Checs and others) made a variety of what we called "Garbage Schnaps" probably made from the left over G.I. mess hall garbage.

Guaranteed not to be over 3 days old in aging. However roumer had it by adding 2 spoons of honey to it and aging it for 2 more days it was palatable. Who knows. It seemed drinkable though. Mixed with Cocoa Cola who could tell.

Some German beer was also available at Gasthauses, (bars) when open. Again, cigarettes were the coin of the realm in preference to Allied Curency. (Marks). Perhaps Sgt. Leo can go into Allied Curency as I am a bit vague on its ins and outs and hows and whys. One Mark was about the equivilent of .10 cents. With cigarettes selling in the PX rations for .50 cents a carton and could be sold on the ecomomy for up to the equivelent of $200.00 a carton soon it was realized too much money was being sent home by some. Then shortly it came to pass one could only send home via money order just what one drew over the pay table. To counteract this, cigarettes became "rationed to troops" at 2 cartons per week. However, again, some "wise guys" traded for diamonds and the likes and returned home with them. Oh to know what could have been done but being young and foolish I didnt know. Stupidly I traded a carton of cigarettes for a motorcycle and spent my free time hunting and just enjoying life ETC till my return home. Well, I guess I have bored you enough for now. With the war in ETO over it was just wait till my return home and being young and single it didnt bother me too much. My turn to return came in a bit. Sgt. Leo, please add to or critique this post. Roque, dont know how it was in Italy during this period so bear with me friend and make comments

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HI JOE; Sorry to say but we didn't have anything like that in Italy, just

maybe an occasional bottle of wine. NO beer. I think the officers got

a bottle of BREW. Don't know what a carton of cigs. looked like. Them

"ITIES" were poor folks but we helped each other. WATSON- if you

read this, jump in. Joe, Watson was our Co. runner. Sgtleo haven't

heard from you. FRONT AND CENTER !!! Roque

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