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Lost Battalions

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Picked this one up at Bargain Books for $7.

It`s a well written & researched vivid account of of the 7th Army fighting in the Vosges Mountians in the fall of 1944. It covers the actions of the 7th Army and the German 19th Army from the beaches of southern france to the Vosges, detailing the battles from Epinal to St Die, focusing on the 36th ID and the 442nd RCT.


Book Description

The story of two World War II battalions--one German, one American--each cut off behind enemy lines in the same forest at the same time, and the heroic efforts to save them--Infantry Magazine


Editorial Reviews


Many books discuss the internment of Americans of Japanese ancestry during World War II. Few, however, detail the bravery of the thousands of Nisei who volunteered for service in the U.S. Army. Although this book is not specifically about the Nisei, it covers their participation in the campaign that would make their regiment the most decorated unit in American history. In the fall of 1944, the Allies were driving hard and the Germans were falling back on all fronts. A stand was made by the Germans in the rugged terrain of the Vosges Mountains, where fighting was bitter and intense. The Nisei are not examined in a vacuum, but in conjunction with the actions of other units, both American and German. Much of the book is based on official reports and thus confusing to follow, yet it has numerous personal letters, citations for valor, and interviews that bring the participants to life. A title that will be useful for both students researching the war and those who wish to explore how people can rise above adversity to achieve lasting fame and glory.

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Gotta add that one to my MUST HAVE books. Covers "my" guys! Thanks for the input!

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