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Hello this is andy also from the Netherlands

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We are Andy & Monique and we are from the Netherlands.

I am very interested in WW2 and everything that is related to that.

I read a lot of books , watch great documentaries, and collect as lot as movies from WW2 as possible.


We adopted 3 graves of brave soldiers on the American cemetery in Margraten , the Netherlands.

We caretakers of the graves at the Netherlands American Cemetery and Memorial ( Margraten ) are the ones who will see to it that the men and women buried there will not be forgotten


I go there often with my wife and children to see that their graves are well being taken care for.

I always put flowers on their grave.


I now have Internet and i am trying to find out as much as possible about them but its very hard to find anything.

I would like to know everything about them so i can ex plane it to my children who s in that grave and what kind of men they were.

Now i am always looking at their graves and try to imagine who they were.


I am trying the find a face or story behind the grave of theis brave men, but i run out of help

So i hope i am at the right address.


Greets Andy


p.s. I have posted their names in the topic : LOOKING FOR.

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Hello Andy and Monique:


Wow, guess we will have to declare this, Netherlands Weekend on our forum! :pdt12: Welcome! Nice to have you here.


I read your other post and hope you can find some further information about those three men. Quite a few people see these posts, so you never know; someone may very well have the answers you are looking for.

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