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andre and maggy from the netherlands

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Hello to you


We are andre and maggy van driel, from the netherlands.


We live in the near of the American militair cemetery in margraten the Netherlands.


8301 fallen Americans rest in peace there.


The thankfully local people adopt all the graves, sinds 1945.


Adopt means you take care of the grave you adopt and put nice flowers on the graves, a few time’s a year. Memorial day x-mas etc.


See this site http://www.adoptiegraven-margraten.nl/


Or this site www.fallennotforgotten.nl


we adopt 3 graves out of respect and also that maggy's father was an american GI in ww2

please read this:

The father of my wife was also a american G.I in World war II.


He was from Maryland, Passadena.


He went in the army at fort GEORGE G MEADE in Maryland, in 1943.


His unit was 275th quarter master baking company, that changed when his unit was in England in the, 3023 QM bakery company mobile special.


( we cant find anything on the internet about this kind of units)


We know his marching route in Europe, he was also a TECH 5.


Here father was married in the USA, and maggy’s mother was from the Netherlands, and also married.


Here father came in our town as a GI in 1944, called valkenburg ad geul, witch is in the south of the Netherlands.


Here father meet her mother and maggy was born out their relation ship.


In the Netherlands we called that children “liberation childâ€


And that happened many times.


Here father survived the war and went back to America, and her mother stayed here.


The contact was lost, and maggy new that here father was an American, but her mother never told her about him.


So many years later the national television in the Netherlands, surch her father in passadena in Maryland and they found her family, but her father just died before.


well we hope you like to read this all

greetings to you all and love from: andre and maggy


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What a sweet photo. Just love it!! :wub:


Thank you for becoming a member and I hope we are able to find out some information regarding the soldiers in the graves, and also Maggie's father. Can't wait to see what we uncover.




Here are Andre and Maggy's related posts here on the forum:


Regarding the 44th Engineers


Regarding her father's Quartermaster Co

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