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Walt's Daughter

Atlas of World War II - by Jordan & Wiest

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Just got this book on Ebay for $19.00 in Like New Condition -


Atlas of World War II - Over 160 Detailed Battle and Campaign Maps by Jordan, David; Wiest, Andrew


UK: Silverdale, 2004. 256 pages. Index. "A comprehensive visual guide to this complex conflict. Plots the exact course of the land, sea and air campaigns in fine detail, enabling the reader to trace the ebb and flow of the fortunes of both sides. Over 160 full-colour maps." - from dust jacket. ISBN: 1845090357. Hard Cover. Over 12" - 15" tall. Atlas of World War II - Over 160 Detailed Battle and Campaign Maps.


Recently my WWII buddy Richard Feist, said his daughter had brought one home for him and he loved it. I had to get one. When I saw the cover I realized that when I had attended one of the 101st Meetings in Farmington, MI, one of they guys there had brought it along to show us. It was great and I was jealous! :armata_PDT_01:


The maps are just superb. Can't wait to get it. Another fine acquistion from EBAY! :armata_PDT_37:


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