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Enlisted and was sent to Ft. Belvoir in Combat Engs. Near end of training was transferred to Advanced Inf. training at Camp Howze for 6 weeks along with the rest of the group as Inf. casualty replacements. In France was put in the 3rd Bn 7th Inf Reg

3rd Inf Div and went on through Germany and into Austria as a dogface PFC. Went

overseas onthe Queen Mary I believe, and returned in Apr. '46 on the La Crosse Victory

ship,. when my rotation points came up for discharge. Was discharged on May 6 "46.

Enlistment then (or being drafted) was for the duration of hostilities plus 6 months?)

I still keep in contact with some aquaintences from the 7th Inf Reg. and others from

ww 2 that post on www.military . com WW 2 forum. Right now there are 4 of us on

there that served in combat in ww 2.

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We are really glad that you decided to become part of our little group here. We are always excited about gaining new members, especially WWII vets. We want to hear all about your experiences during the war and as far as I'm concerned, we can never get enough. So please share with us because you have a captive audience. :)


I am glad that you jumped into the thread concerning the ETO divisions and for pointing out all the discrepancies on the army site regarding the 3rd Division. Sounds like some sloppy work to me. We are counting on you vets to make sure we get our facts straight. ;)

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