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Hi. I am Ben's Grandson. 148th Co . C

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Hello everyone!. My name is Dan and my grandfather was in the 148th Combat Engineers COmpany C. His name is on the original roster as Benjamin Ginder from Rising Sun, MD. His name is actually Benjamin Givler he was from the Coatesville, PA area. He passed away in 1967, and was active in the war from October 1943 to November 1945. His wife (my grandmother) has told me wonderful stories about him since I can remember. I was born in 1974 and never had the pleasure of meeting him. My grandmother has been really thinking about him lately and I told her that I would look around for anything I could find out about his days in the war. She tells everyone a great story about an encounter that my grandfather had with General Patton. From what she has told me that Patton came by she thinks to do some type of work inspection in the field. Well my grandfather proceeded to salute him in the field. Patton went up and down my grandfather from one side to the other, you are not supposed to salute an officer in the field. The thing was that patton did not have his stripes covered and my grandfather saluted him(like he was supposed to) and all along it was Patton's mistake. She says my grandfather used to tell that story to everyone he met. Thanks for such a great site. If anyone has any info or rememberances of Benjamin Givler I would love to hear them.

Thanks So Much!

Daniel Moore

(email address removed for privacy, please use private messaging)

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Welcome Dan.


Nice to hear from you. I hope we can give you and your grandmother some answers. There are a few posts here on the forum.






There is also a page on Lawrence Page of the 148th:




Looking forward to talking with you. Let me know if there is any other way we can help you. Hugs to your grandmother from me!

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