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In Hitler's Bunker - Armin D. Lehmann

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I have seen Armin Lehmann in many documentaries about WWII, and most recently on "War Stories" with Ollie North. For those of you who are not familiar with the name, he was a fanatic Hitler Youth member who at age 16 had won two iron crosses and found himself in Berlin in April, 1945, serving as a Courier. He is also seen in that famous footage of Hitler's last appearance outside the Fuhrer Bunker getting an ear pull from Adolph himself. I recently emailed him to ask about purchasing a signed copy of his latest book "In Hitler's Bunker." after finding out that he lives in the USA now. He was very kind and answered me personally, asking how I would like the booked signed. I was amazed yesterday to find the book in my mailbox, along with a free DVD...before he even received my check!

I've just started reading the book, but it's one of those first-person accounts that is hard to put down. It begins with some background information on his family and childhood experiences which led him down the path of becoming a fanatic young Nazi and the events leading up to April 1945, at the Fuhrer's last birthday party. This book has been out since 2003 and is available on Amazon.com and most bookstores if you want more info. I have always been very interested in the final days accounts!


Jim :woof:

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