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German Defences in Italy

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I don't know why I haven't posted info on this book, as it is a great read for anyone interested in Engineers.


"German Defences in Italy in World War II" by Neil Short, Osprey Publishing, 2006.

A softbound booklet from their Fortress series. 64 Pages.

Describes the German defences used throughout Italy but focuses mainly on Cassino front and GOTHIC Line. Includes photos of some of the gun emplacements, trenches, and dugouts. Has color map of the many defence lines established during their retreat--approximately 40 named defence lines. Includes diagrams of a typical defence line showing placement of trenches, MG dugouts, A-T guns and mines. Another set of nice drawings of gun emplacements for a 88 gun, a Panther tank turrent and a Nebelwerfer. A cross-sectional view of an underground, 2-story Panther Tank turrent.

Also sketches and views of the 2-man MG Panzernest unit. This was a steel bunker that was rolled out on wheels and flipped over into a hole and buried. Two men occupied it with an MG-34. Then there was the PzKpfw II tank turrent(earliest tanks with MG in turrent) that were used quite extensively.

A handy little book about Italy including how to tour the battlesites.

Retail price $16.95.



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Danka! Hey better late than never!! :lol:

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