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another find from WW 2

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Had a new carpet layed in the den. In moving a chest my wife was cleaning out a drawer and found a old faded envelope I had brought back about 60 years ago from the ETO. In it was a bunch of old European currency I brought back and my "assignement card and Meal Ticket from my returning ship "the La Cross Victory ship" whith the tickets

punched for meals and berthing assignment. Also Allied curency from the U.S. sector

in marks, English Allied currency in Schillings, and French Allied curency in Franks plus a lot of European currency including several German old time bills up to and including one

50,000,000 mark bill. (evidentally from the 1923 inflation curency). Also, two U.S.

one dollar Silver certificates, one of the regular size and one of the real large ones.

Both say "in silver payable to the bearer on demand". If I remember correctly we were paid our back pay in silver certificates on board ship on our way home in cash.

Made for many card and crap games while on the ship using American currency .

Got to start looking around as maybe more goodies will turn up I have just filed away.

Just looked again and there is a 10,000,000 mark note also. Wonder what they would have been worth today if they were good? Can post photos if anyone interested.

I wonder if I can get 2 silver dollars from the Govt for the 2 silver certificates???

More and more things are appearing as of late in "cleaning out".

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Joe what a nice find. I always say, "It pays to clean", and in many cases such as yours, this means literally! :pdt12::pdt34:


Heck, I'd love to see them, so I say, post 'em. One nice thing, silver is always worth something. Let's see what the market says..



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First pics are WW 2 Allied curency used on the civilian and Miliary market at the end of WW 2. Strange fact is they were printed in 1944 (prior to wars end). Seems like the American Zone of Occupation issued "Marks", the English used "Schillings", and the French Zone used Francs. At least is seems this way but I dont recall for certain.

How about it Sgt. Leo, any input if this is correct to your recalling? The 50,000,000

Mark note is older "German inflation money" from 1923. There must be at least

25 or 30 of various countries including the "occupation currency".

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You will have to click on the pic names to get the pics up. The silver certificates we were paid off with on returning ship plus the assignment card and meal ticket which set where you were bunked. The big one is 1923 and the other one is 1935.


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