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Walt's Daughter

30 Seconds Over Tokyo

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30 Seconds Over Tokyo - By Ted W. Lawson


Here are some links about the raid itself. Good stuff!!!






http://www.doolittleraider.com/ - Nice site!!

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I've had a few hours while watching TV, to spend more time at the above site. It's very comprehensive and has a very nice lay-out. Really easy to navigate too.


I joined the forum last night and wrote a letter to Todd, the son of Lt. Col. Richard O. Joyce, Pilot - Plane 10, 40-2250. I received a very nice letter from him this morning.



Thank you for the kind words about the site and also about all of our heroes of WWII. They simply just don’t “build†men like that any more.


The CDR is new this year as there are only 16 surviving raiders and they are all pushing 90. We wanted to get an official organization approved by the surviving raiders so we can continue the Reunions and preserve the memorabilia and memories for generations to come. The web site is a great way to share all kinds of information as you can see and I feel it is the most thorough and complete site on the web for the Raiders.


Thanks for the link and sometime this winter I will add your link to the Links Page the next time I do updates. I have been pretty busy and have not updated the site for a while but there are some things I need to add so hopefully I can get this done soon.


Thanks again for your kind words and God Bless you and yours,


Todd Joyce

Web Master

Doolittle Tokyo Raider Web Site



My Father:

Lt. Col. Richard O. Joyce

Pilot - Plane 10, 40-2250

Bailed out near Chuchow China


"Ever Into Peril"




My initial and follow-up letters to Todd included my wish (our wish) to also form a similar group of the sons, daughters and grandkids, to honor and carry on the reunions, traditions and history of the men of VI Corps. Todd and friends formed their group called the CHILDREN OF DOOLITTLE'S RAIDERS.





I also told him to check out the post I created on his forum last night. Check this out! Small world!




Here's to Doolittle's Raiders. Bless all of them. :drinkin:

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