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Walt's Daughter

36th Engineer - Walter Bucci - passed away

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Received the following from Captain John Fallon of the 36th Combat Engineers.


I am always sorry to hear of the loss of one of our great comrades. I will pass on the word and we will pray for him and toast his memory. I like to remind the survivors of my great fellow Seahorses that there is a special place reserved for valiant soldiers like Walter.


This was the email he received. God bless Walter and his family. A salute to another great Seahorse!





We regret to inform the 36th Engineers that Walter Bucci passed away on August 6, 2006 due to complications from a broken hip. Joan, his daughter, and I, son-in-law, have been to a few of the reunions with Walter and we enjoyed then, and we know that Walter really enjoyed them. I hope you can continue to have them, even thought the original crew has been diminished greatly in numbers.


Our thanks for your excellent work,


Stay RUGGED!!!!


Bob and Joan Smith

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