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Maybe I dont belong here but was a Combat Engineer in training in 1944 at Ft. Belvoir

and at end of combat eng. training my whole group along with many other groups were

suddenly transferred to Camp Howze TX for advanced infantry training for casualtiies

replacements in the infantry for 6 weeks then immediately shipped overseas to Inf.

units as casualty replacements. to France. Here I joined the 3rd Inf. Div. as a dogface

infantryman casuallty replacement and fought from France, thru to Austria till wars end.

However I believe the combat engineer training was at least as tough as infantry training and did teach me much which helped me survive. Joe

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So nice to have you here Joe. You did just fine. Kind of a tough decision where to post huh? Training as a combat engineer, but becoming part of the great 3rd as an infantryman. Yes, they were using a lot of replacements at that time, so I not suprised you wound up a dogface! ;)


Yes the engineers did undergo very tough training and I'm glad the rigors of that training helped you to survive.


I can't wait to hear more about your tour of duty with the 3rd. Dad's unit landed on the shores of Southern France with the 36th Inf Div in the fall of 1944, but dad's unit was attached to the 3rd for a period during his tour of duty. Where did you join the 3rd sir? I would love to know all the details.


If you are interested, I would be happy to add your story in the near future to our site and give you your own Stories Page as one of our honored WWII vets.


So happy to make your acquaintance. It is my pleasure and honor.

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Hi Joe,

I went through that 6 week training at Camp Howze in spring of 1945, ended up in Philippine Islands and Taegu,Korea. Camp Howze is no more...It is a nice place now I have a friend Dava Brown who was born there.

We only try to remember the good times


papa Art

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