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Earlier tonight I mentioned an article and gave you a link that was sent to me by James Hennessey. What I did not realize at the time, was that the article was featured on a site that is an actual printed magazine on WWII.


I had time to look over the site tonight and what I saw impressed me. Here is a synopsis:


America in WWII is the only magazine that tells the story of Americans fighting World War II at the battle front and on the home front. It’s a time capsule of history and nostalgia that puts readers shoulder-to-shoulder with the Greatest Generation, winning the Good War.


Packed with lively articles and wide-ranging departments—richly illustrated with real period artifacts, crisp war photos, and vivid 1940s posters and ads—our national bimonthly magazine immerses readers in the American experience of World War II.


Every issue includes:


• Battles on air, land, and sea involving Americans

• Firsthand accounts–meet the people who lived the history!

• WWII memories, anecdotes, and snapshots from our readers

• Pictorial essays on GI life, home-front topics, war posters, collectibles, and more

• Travel coverage—WWII-related sites and museums in the States and overseas

• Hit songs from the WWII-era

• Home-front life

• Reviews of new WWII books and media

• Insightful articles about unique US units, the war effort, commanders, celebrities in uniform, propaganda, weapons and equipment, insignia, aircraft, war production, spies—every aspect of America’s WWII years!

• Classic movies about World War II

• Period comics and cartoons

• Upcoming WWII-related events


I think I will subscribe this week and expand my horizons.



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If anyone here is interested in submitting an article to this magazine, they are always looking for your stories. :pdt34::pdt34:

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Imagine my disappointment when I went next door to pick up my mail at the post office. There was the flimsy cover of my WWII in America magazine. Yes, only the cover, no innards. George I said, where is the rest of my magazine? Dunno he said, we all looked for it. Sigh! Well somewhere down the line from PA to here, lay my poor magazine innards. Wha!!!! :unsure:


But, all is not lost, I wrote to them this morning and 15 minutes later Heidi sent me a nice letter saying that they are mailing me a NEW copy 1st Class Mail. Thanks Heidi and gang. You guys are 1st Class!


This month's issue features the 3rd Inf Div's own Audie Murphy. Ooooh, also for you GUYS, it features a Pinup Section! Hollywood Starlets! :drinkin:

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Latest news from the editor of the magazine.


Hi, Everybody:


If you haven't visited our website lately, please take a look right away at www.americainwwii.com. The address is the same, but everything else has changed. Carl, our web editor, has put together a completely new package that includes an animated link to a digital sample issue, and bonus materials for our current issue (including extra photos, related articles, and links to wonderful video and websites). The design is classic and flexible, and shows off our material well. We'll be pumping in a lot more content over the next couple of months, ramping up the capabilities, and fine tuning the site's ad sales and circulation marketing potential.


Please send people to the site when you're trying to give them an idea of what the magazine is all about. (The address is not case sensitive, and the www. is optional. So, you can give the address as www.americainwwii.com, or americainwwii.com, or AmericaInWWII.com, or www.AmericaInWWII.com, and it'll still work.)


My thanks to Carl for all his ongoing hard work, and to each of you for your help in making AMERICA IN WWII a success!


Jim Kushlan, editor & publisher







I just did some perusing this morning myself, and lo and behold, Jim placed a link to our site, on his. I was so thrilled! What an honor! :armata_PDT_01:

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