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On this day 61 years ago on May 7 '45 (if my figuring is correct) I was in a small village in Austria near Salzburg. Our company was finished

billeting in civilian houses for the first time.

The actual war was over (we knew it even a day prior to the signing). It was great to be alive after the battles. Three days prior we (3rd Bn 7th Reg, 3rd Inf. Div.) had just captured and cleared Berchtesgaden and after being there 2 days were "requested" to move out. In 2 days it was filled with "tourist troops". Now became getting civilized. Beds, bathrooms, hot food, real coffee, and no one trying to kill you. Our

only worry was about being shipped to the Pacific, which never happened. Shortly we were

issued "class A" clothes, C.I.B's and any other ribbons that were lost or not recieved yet. A great day to be still alive. Seems like it was only last year or so, not 61 years ago. I am sure 3-7-I Recon and Sherm Pratt felt the same way even though they were not in that small village. Sherms I company was billeted in a castle IN a lake nearby.

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AMEN! So glad that you are here to share this with us. My dad was scheduled to be shipped to the Pacific. Thank God it didn't come to that.

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