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Engineer Units - Korean War


This list was taken from a Korean War site that says their entire list of all units is approximately 95-97 percent complete.




2nd Engineer Battalion, Combat

2nd Engineer Special Brigade

2nd Engineer Shore Regiment (Boat)

2nd Engineer Group

3rd Engineer Battalion, Combat

8th Engineer Battalion, Combat

8th Army Engineer Group, Construction

10th Engineer Battalion, Combat

11th Engineer Battalion, Combat

13th Engineer Battalion, Combat

14th Engineer Battalion, Combat

19th Engineer Battalion, Combat

24th Engineer Group

32nd Engineer Group, Combat

35th Engineer Battalion, Combat

36th Engineer Group, Combat

42nd Engineer Battalion, Construction

43rd Engineer Battalion, Construction

44th Engineer Battalion, Construction

45th Engineer Group

54th Engineer Field Maintenance Company

55th Engineer Treadway Bridge Company

58th Engineer Treadway Bridge Co

60th Engineer Bridge Company

61st Engineer Searchlight Company

62th Engineer Construction Battalion

62nd Engineer Topographic Company

64th Engineer Topographic Battalion

65th Engineer Battalion, Combat

72nd Engineer Company, Combat

72nd Engineer Detachment

73rd Engineer Construction Bn

74th Engineer Battalion

74th Engineer Heavy Equipment Company

76th Engineer Construction Battalion

76th Engineer Dump Truck Company

77th Engineer Construction Company

78th Engineer Battalion Combat

79th Engineer Battalion, Construction

81st Engineer Battalion, Combat

82nd Engineer Pipeline Company

84th Engineer Battalion, Construction

86th Engineer Searchlight Company

91st Engineer Water Company

92nd Engineer Searchlight Company

98th Engineer Photographic Company

109th Engineer Battalion, Combat

116th Engineer Battalion, Combat

120th Engineer Battalion, Combat

127th Engineer Battalion, Combat

138th Engineer Pontoon Bridge Company

151st Engineer Battalion, Combat

185th Engineer Battalion, Combat

194th Engineer Battalion, Combat

200th Engineer Company, Combat

231st Engineer Battalion, Combat

2998th Engineer Treadway Bridge Company

313th Engineer Explosive Disposal Company

323rd Engineer Company, Light

341st Engineer Panel Bridge Company

369th Engineer Boat Maintenance Co

378th Engineer Battalion, Combat

388th Engineers Pipeline Company

412th Engineer Battalion, Construction

430th Engineer Battalion, Construction

434th Engineer Battalion, Construction

439th Engineer Battalion, Construction

453rd Engineer Battalion, Construction

477th Engineer Battalion, Combat

485th Engineer Dump Truck Company

512nd Engineer Dump Truck Company

526th Engineer Panel Bridge Company

532nd Engineer Shore Regiment (Boat)

533rd Engineer Technical Intelligence Detachment

536th Engineer Maintenance Company

538th Engineer Maintenance Company

548th Engineer Battalion

557th Engineer Technical Intelligence Detachment

562nd Engineer Shore Regiment (Boat)

567th Engineer Service Company

570th Engineer Water Company

571st Engineer Dump Truck Company

573rd Engineer Pontoon Bridge Company

578th Engineer Battalion, Combat

595th Engineer Dump Truck Company

633rd Engineer Company, Light Equipment

700th Engineer Pipeline Company

712nd Engineer Bridge Company

984th Engineer Field Maintenance Co.

1092nd Engineer Battalion, Combat

1169th Engineer Group

1279th Engineer Battalion, Combat

1343rd Engineer Battalion

1437th Engineer Treadway Bridge Co

1438th Engineer Treadway Bridge Co

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