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Dear vets and anyone else who has trouble reading.


Most of you have opened ADOBE documents or PDF files. Many of the files or downloads on this site are in PDF form. It's a great way to exchange information because virtually anyone, anywhere can open, read and print them. But here is something you may not realize and I'm sharing it with you tonight.


All recent versions of ADOBE READER have the capability of reading the text out loud to you. What you say? Is this correct. Yes sirree!


Try it right now. Open up any PDF file, go to the MENU at the top of the program and select VIEW. Now scroll down and click on READ OUT LOUD. It does an amazing job. I was astonished myself. You can understand the voice. It's a bit mechanical, but once you get used to it, it's not bad at all.


So if you have problems reading, you may want use ADOBE docs to help you out.


The attachment shows you what the menu looks like. The post that follows this one, will give you a PDF to open and try in case you don't have one handy. So if you don't feel like reading and want to give your eyes a rest. Ain't technology grand? :pdt34:


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Here's one to try...


You will have to SAVE a copy of this file to your computer and then open it up in order for it to work first. Or if you have one on your computer already folks, just try that. Good luck! :)


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Many do not know about these features either!


Hey gang:


Something I want to share with all of you, for some may not know all the great features of Adobe PDF files, you receive.


Did you know that you can enlarge the documents? Did you know that you can flip the pages, and re-arrange them so they are clockwise or counterclockwise? PDF files will also read out-loud to you?


For instance, the document I sent you last night, can be altered by you. I have attached a "snaphot" of the Adobe PDF document, so you can see what I am referring to. If you already know how to do all these great things with PDF files, then you can toss this email, but if you don't, play along with me now.


Open the attached image. This is how I have my ADOBE PDF TOOLBAR set up.


You will see two arrows at the top. The arrow on the left shows where the ZOOM feature is. The arrow on the right, shows where my ROTATE the documents feature is.


When you open a PDF file, these features may not be on your TOOLBAR. Not to worry. Simply take the following steps to turn these features on. Once you do, they will display on your TOOLBAR, every time you open up a PDF file.


To turn those features on, carry out the following steps:


1. Open up the document

2. Go to the top of the screen and click on TOOLS


4. Next, scroll down to PAGE DISPLAY TOOLBAR and check the box next to the CLOCKWISE AND COUNTER-CLOCKWISE controls

5. Now if you want to turn on the feature for zooming, pick the SELECT AND ZOOM TOOLBAR, and check the ZOOM IN AND ZOOM OUT controls.


Pretty nifty huh?


Now anytime you open a PDF file, you wil be able to flip the pages or zoom in and out with ease.


I find all these very handy, even for my "50-something" eyes. I have always had a big problem with "floaties", so it really helps to enlarge the print for me too.



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