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A little about me

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You said that you would like to know a little more about me. Well there is not much to tell. I am a service technician for a local Coca-Cola bottling works, and also am a Baptist Minister. I pastor a small church here in our town. I joined the U.S. Army Reserves when I turned 18. That would have been Aug. 1987. My M.O.S. was 52 Delta 1 (Power Generation Equipment Repair) I was supposed to be in the 844th Engineers Co. A. heavy vehical detachment. My basic was at Fort Dix N.J. In Jan./Feb. 1988. Then on to Ft. Belvoir Va. for A.I.T. But Pres. Bush made cuts in the military, and a prior illness relieved me from duty. I missed the 1st Gulf War by a little. I spend countless hours on my computer researching, trying to find out about my grandfathers military service. I have re-conected my dad with some of his buddies from Viet-Nam. They all got together this summer for a reunion. well that's a little bit about me. I really appreciate what you have done with this site. I hope that one day i would be able to do this for my grandfather.

Thank You,


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