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Walt's Daughter

Farewell Corporal Ferguson - 36th CE

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Received this from Captain John Fallon this week. Seems we are getting more and more of these each day. Just breaks my heart. :(



Sunday on the phone a friend asked me how many men were left from the old Company H and I told him there were two besides me but they were bed ridden. I got the news today that I lost a good friend, once Corporal Ferguson.


My most vivid memory of him during the war was a sunny day on the Mussolini Canal when three of us Sergeant Belcher Ferguson and I were walking to Company Headquarters to scrounge a cup of coffee. WE had spent the entire night playing hide and seek with two German patrols. WE patrolled every night harassing the German outposts and that night We were hitting one of them when we were hit from the rear by an ambush patrol of the Germans who were tired of our annoyances. We shot our way out of that and had a running gun battle lasting all night back to our own outpost.


Ferguson was the first to say it that he would stick his hand in the air during the next barrage and hope for a nice little wound. I agreed with him and so did Belcher. Anyway the upshot of this was that within one week all three of us had been wounded, me at Anzio and the others at Velletri. Belcher and I were hospitalized for four months and Ferguson for five and they sent us all back into action. May he now rest in peace.


The other survivor of H Company was Sergeant Lavere Laucks, and ...what can I say?


AS we walked to the CP


36 Engineers are rugged......John Fallon II. Capt. USA Ret.

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