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As you know Recon has not posted lately. E Mailed him twice and finally called. Got hold of his wife (Bev) and found out he has been back in the hospital several times lately. Hopefully he will be reurning home in a bit. He is a tough old critter so just maybe he can "stretch his glide a bit more". If wished I will inform you of his progress

as I find it out as I will keep in contact with Bev (or hopefully, Russ).

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Dang, I had this awful feeling in the pit of my stomach. I too kept looking for his posts and when I didn't get a reply to the one forum posting regarding more info on the 3rd in regards to my dad's unit, then I knew something was wrong.


I wish you could have seen my face when I saw that there was a post from you this morning and it was titled, 3-7-I-Recon. Yes, I feared the worst. I looked at it and exclaimed, "Oh no!" It was with trepidation that I opened it. :unsure:


I am sorry to hear that he hasn't been doing well, but I hope he will be back home soon. We will all say a prayer for him and I too hope he can stretch-his-glide a bit more. :pdt34:


Please send me a private email with his address and I will send him a card. His home address will be fine. His wife can take it to him if he is still in the hospital.


Thanks for keeping us up-to-date.

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Just sent him a card from the WHOLE GANG AT VI CORPS COMBAT ENGINEERS. That should cheer him up! :D:D

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