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2756th engineer combat batt.

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need help finding info on the death on my great cousin PVT Vincent P Callahan #33173283

he was member of co C 2756th combat eng. in europe he was killed by gunshot wound to head( NBD )about 1820 hrs 19 april 1945 at beckstein germany !have copy of morning report at 1900 on same day two men were arrested pending charges PVT colwell bert NMI # 3568207

pvt juhnowski anthony j #31106477

UNsure if this is related but guessing it is ! any one outhere who has info or can help please email me at scottplen@comcast.net

family needs closure of what happened was he murdered or accidentally shot????

fought through normandy - germany just to get killed like this is a sin!!!

thanks scott ??

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