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  1. I've been buried up to my neck in photographs and documents. Have added a lot of new content to my Camp Claiborne site. A messload of 338th GS Engineer photographs and a Google Earth multimedia map of the camp. Also, I have recently come into about 170 photographs of GI's and family that were taken at the Boom Town just south of Claiborne before it was torched. Working on getting those scanned, but it'll take some time. Ken http://www.campclaiborne.com
  2. Last year I was lucky enough to be given a collection of photographs taken during the camp's construction. Most were taken in Late 1940, but a couple in 1942 and 1943. These were saved from going into the trash. http://www.campclaiborne.com/galleries/construction1.php
  3. kkopacki

    338th GS and 393rd SS Engineer Regiments

    It's insanely time consuming, but fun. And considering I was only researching my grandads unit, the irony of me having a entire Claiborne site is kinda funny. Ken
  4. Hello all, I've just added some new photos to the site, and both are Engineer Regiments. The first, from eBay, is of a unidentified solider with the 338th, possibly H&S company with the band. The photos were taken at Camp Claiborne between December 1942 and January 1943. Second is two galleries from my grandads unit, the 393rd Special Services Engineer regiment. Some were taken in LaHavre and Paris and a couple might have been taken at Claiborne. I have more of his to post, but I'm giving my brain the rest of the night off. http://campclaiborne.com/galleries/historic.php Ken
  5. Thanks. I'm pretty happy with how it came out, which is rare for me. I've got some additional film footage to put up. All color film from the camp. Hopefully I'll be getting even more. Ken
  6. Hello everyone, I just wanted to announce the relaunch of the Camp Claiborne website. It got derailed last fall because of school and work, but it's finally ready. I've also just come back from a weekend visit out there and have collected a wealth of new information. All to be posted soon. www.campclaiborne.com Ken Kopacki
  7. kkopacki

    "Coke 1944"

    Very well done. The reenactors they got for this were pretty squared away
  8. kkopacki

    393rd Special Services/General Services

    Those started turning up on ebay last week.
  9. kkopacki

    393rd Special Services/General Services

    Thanks for replying. I meant the DI comment in a sarcastic way I've collected WW2 memorbillia for almost 30 years, and never had a situation like this come up. But I'm also wise enough to know that there have been lots of stranger things to occur in how the Army badged itself. So, here are some visual aids I have to share. First photo is the cover of the 393rd book I have. Note that I've only seen one other turn up on ebay in the past 10 years. This copy belonged to my grandfather. http://campclaiborne.org/images/393rd-SS/3...cover.small.jpg This is the first page of the book, and explains the details of the 'blazon'. http://campclaiborne.org/images/393rd-SS/3...ook-1.small.jpg The photo you provided is the same as the DI I have. Well 3 of them. the other two are similar but different. Next, is the 5 different DI's I have all named to the 393rd. http://campclaiborne.org/images/393rd-SS/393rd-di.jpg The top 3 are all the same design, no hallmarks and are pinback. Front and back features are consistent with it being the same manufacturer. The lower two, lack the motto, the pelicans wings are not spread, and instead of white there is a silver bar. Both have no hallmarks as well, and the one on the left is pinback, and the one on the right is clutchback. Also note the pelican on both lower ones is a seperate piece, and not embedded. In each case, they listed them as 393rd Engineer or Engineer BN. One might have been named Special Services, but I can't remember. You can see why this is confusing me I have solid proof telling me one thing in the form of the book, newspaper acct and photographs. Things I can hold in my hand. Yet something totally different keeps turning up. Then there is the 2 oddball DI's that I don't know what to make of. Being able to see the 393rd General Services DI(if they had one, not all units did) would at least help me narrow the playing field. My working theory(for lack of anything better) is the motto lacking DI's are the GS regiment and the SS regiment had the one with the motto and flying pelican. It's just a theory based on frustration, but who knows. OH, I almost forgot the kicker...... In the whole of the 393rd book, and all other photographs, I don't have a single solitary image with a GI wearing one. I have group photos of the whole Regiment, man after man in Class A's(including my very proud buck sergeant of a grandad) and not a single swinging **** has one. So, makes it even more interesting for me. One of these days I'm going to get it sorted out. Ken
  10. kkopacki

    393rd Special Services/General Services

    If you are referring to the Special Services 393rd, they didn't get to France until September, October 44. I believe the port of entry for them was La Harve. I'll have to pull my records out this evening, but I don't think they were attached to the 2nd Rangers or had any interaction at all. I could be wrong thought, it's been a long day Ken
  11. kkopacki

    393rd Special Services/General Services

    That link is going to change soon as I'm working on a overhaul of the site. I'll try and remember to do a redirect to the main gallery page so people don't get a dead link Ken
  12. kkopacki

    393rd Special Services/General Services

    Hey everyone, I've been researching my grandfathers unit from WW2 for a number of years now. It's spawned www.campclaiborne.org, and has taken on a life of its own. I still however hunt for stuff relating to the 393rd, and that is something that's fairly difficult and been less than plentiful. Over the years on ebay, I've managed to pick up a few items that are 393rd related. A handful of photographs, that are now on the site, a newspaper article from the Claiborne paper covering them unvailing their unit crest and motto. I've also picked up 5 DI's(distinctive insignia). 3 of these are the same design, flat pinback style with enameling and the unit motto at the bottom. The other 2 have raised pelican emblems, no motto and silver instead of white as in the other 3.(I'll supply photos as soon as I get a chance this evening. Also, the wings on the pelican are spread in the 3 matching, and folded in on the other 2. Reason I'm mentioning all of this is that in the past week, 3 newly made patches of the 393rd Special Services Engineer Regiment have turned up on ebay. 3! All named to the 393rd Engineer Batallion(African American) or similarly worded. So, I flip open the 393rd Special Service Regiment book the unit produced, and there is the crest, exactly as the patch looks. Knowing there was a 393rd General Services Engineer Regiment(African American) it makes me wonder this: 1. is the motto-less DI's I have the 393rd GS emblem? 2. is it just a variant of the 393rd SS? 3. did unit's share DI's? cause I thought the DI meant "Distinctive Insignia". I have to tend to family matters for a while, but will post more this evening linking to some information I have, with pictures etc. Any info/insight/speculation is appreciated. Best, Ken Kopacki Camp Claiborne Historical Research Site www.campclaiborne.org
  13. kkopacki

    Camp Claiborne

    Hello everyone, I'm the admin/designer/only guy at www.campclaiborne.org. Just wanted to pop my head in and say hello. My research is focused on my Grandfathers unit the 393rd Special Services Engineer Regiment I have alot of engineer related material on my site and much more that I've yet to find time to post. Feel free to poke around and drop me a line, as I'm always looking to expand and assist. Have a great Memorial Day weekend. Ken Kopacki Camp Claiborne Historical Research Site www.campclaiborne.org