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    "Anzio Annie" and the sound of war

    I'm trying to find a photo that my Dad had of him and his buddies with Anzio Annie. He was with the 36th Combat Engineers, C Regiment, I company. My aunt had this photo but can't find it. My Dad described "Annie" as the most powerful gun they ever faced. He said that when it fired that entire homes and buildings would disappear in Anzio.
  2. I'm a newbie to the site and trying to put my Dad, Vince Pankoke Sr. in contact with some of his old pals that may still be around. My dad entered service in 1943 with the 36th and was a replacement sent to North Africa. He was with the 36th all the way through the remainder of the war and was discharged in Sept. 1945. My dad will be 86 in about two weeks and his memory of his 2 1/2 years of service is fading a bit. I remember most of the stories he told me over the years, but would love to speak with some of his squad mates. I found a list of men from I company who were injured in an attack near Baerenthal, France on January 19, 1945. I recall my dad telling me about the attack and recognized several of the soldiers names, Eugene Hinderman, Albert Schemerhorn, William Sizemore, and Adolf Petruzzo listed as wounded in the Action Reports posted on the website. After studying the WWII history of the 36th, I am only now beginning to appreciate how special this unit was. One day they were fighting as infantry and the next they may be erecting bridges, blowing bridges, or clearing mines. My dad said that most of his time in North Africa was spent learning/training on the technical stuff the 36th did. He also spoke of how long they were on the line in Anzio without relief. I found information about this extended time on the line on the site under the Unit Citation. I'm trying to locate a photo that relatives say exist with my dad and guys from I company with Anzio Annie. I have one of his and some pals on the beach either in Southern France or Italy. I will try to post it and see if anyone recognizes the others. I sure hope there some of his company mates still out there. Another name I recall is Doug Ridell. Thanks Vince Pankoke Jr. Parkland, FL