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  1. tomeduke

    540th A CO

    I was trying to post the manifest on the message board, that I sent you via email. You received the manifest? Will you post it? Once I get my photos scanned how should I go about getting them on the site?
  2. tomeduke

    540th A CO

    Sounds like you have a good job that will transfer into civilian life when you retire! I had planned on making the Army a career but the quality of my NCOs was so frustrating that I couldn't wait to get away from that life! Also, after Desert Storm, I felt I had done my duty. Thanks to you for serving! I am always amazed at the amount of men and women who are willing to make the sacrifice, especially under today's stresses of military life. Dallas, GA is pretty far from Albany! It appears that your Grandfather and my Grandfather must have been in the same BN. Did your grandfather stay in the Army after the war? Mine went to OCS and was wounded (lost a leg) in Korea as a 1st LT. He retired from the Army in 1968, as a Major (P).
  3. tomeduke

    540th A CO

    Attached is a picture of Headquarters Platoon (I assume A CO) taken in Feudenheim, Germany. 1SGT Grady E. Duke is second row, 2nd man reading right to left. Tom Duke
  4. tomeduke

    540th A CO

    Grady Duke is the man on the right.
  5. tomeduke

    540th A CO

    I have a picture of my Grandfather standing in a doorway with a CP ACO 540th sign over the door. He is wearing E-6 stripes at the time. I also have an itinerary listing him in A Co, but no specific BN is given. As for me, I was 31V communications in 3/7 INF BN (MECHANIZED), 24th ID out of Ft. Stewart. I am starting to scan the pics and docs I have and I am going to my Aunts to get MORE! Tom Duke Dallas, GA Grandson of Major Grady E. Duke (NCO/Enlisted WWII) SEE ATTACHED IMAGES. scan0004.pdf
  6. tomeduke

    540th A CO

    My name is Tom Duke, my grandfather was Major Grady E. Duke. Grady Duke was an NCO during WWII, becoming 1st Sgt of A Co. 540th Engineers. I have recently been given a good many pictures and some paperwork from his tour in WWII. It appears that he served the entire time from North Africa to Anzio to Paris to Germany. I will begin posting these pics and paperwork in the near future, as I am still sorting through them. Major Duke went on to fight in the Korean War and was wounded at the battle of Kuni-Ri. Thanks, Tom Duke Desert Storm US ARMY