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  1. Hi and thanks for your post, I am glad to hear your dad is in good health at 87. Dad didn't talk much about men being killed or injured so I was surprised to hear about your dad being wounded. I thought the battalion only came close to combat a couple of nights when they were subject to raiding parties from the German garrison stuck on an island off the French coast. If he cares to share how it happened I would like to hear about it. I'm glad he survived but sound like it was a very close thing. I think I have a slightly different edition of the battalion history than the one you quoted -it was printed in September 1945. If so we may have information and pictures to share - would be interested to know as the forward in mine indicates it is a work in progress as they did not know how it would end - stay in ETO, on to the Pacific or home. I found your dad listed in Company B. John Payne
  2. My dad, Capt. Robert (Bob) Payne, served in the 1264th Engineer Combat Battalion from inception at Camp Bowie at Brownwood, Texas in 1944. The 1264th ended up in the 1110th Engineer Combat Group, at Bad Godesberg working mostly on the Western approach. Other units in the 1110th included the 148th and 207th Engineer Combat Battalions, the 1368th Dump Truck Company, 631 Light Equipment Company and 329 Harbor Craft Company part of "First American Army" commanded by General Hodges, under General Bradley's 12th Army Group. Dad died in 1999 and to honor his memory I am searching for information to flesh in the details of his stories. I have the unit history and the report on construction of the Hodges Bridge at Bad Godesberg as my starting point which I will share as I can. John Payne