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  1. angatti

    169th Engineer Combat Battalion

    Thanks to the contribution coming from Roger L. Knight, a 1LT with the 169th Engineer Battalion (Construction) in Vietnam and Sean Michael Griffing, grandson of John Francis Griffing member of the 337th Engineer General Service Regiment and then of the 169th Engineer Combat Battalion I was able to add something new, New map, new photos, on the webpage dedicated to the 337th Engineer General Service Regiment. In the meantime we have redesigned our website also, as you can see, it is a work in progress.
  2. On kickstarter page I have posted some answer to the FAQs: Why is this point in history important? Who were the people involved? What makes it different from other battles? What kind of association is Gotica Toscana npa? How the Museum is organized? What is the "North Apennines Po Valley Park"?
  3. The Community of Scarperia and San Piero and the Gothic Line museum are on Kickstarter with a crowdfunding project The Community of Scarperia and San Piero starts a project of crowdfunding on the kickstarter's platform to find funds for the renovation of the building that houses the Museum and Documentation Center and historical research" of Gotica Toscana npa. The building needs some structural works; the aim is to adapt the building to the new earthquake proof standards and, in the meantime, rearrange the external area. In such way, the external area can accommodate some historical elements that cannot be exposed inside. The fundraising campaign will remain open until 12 February 2018; the information about how to contribute are available on the kickstarter's platform by clicking the link below. Visit the page of the Gothic Line Museum Kikcstarter The description of the project is available both in English and in Italian, just scroll down the page.
  4. Giogo Pass - September 20th 1944 A short movie about the diorama is available on youtube
  5. Giogo Pass - September 20th 1944 - A new diorama is in shows since December 17th 2016 at the Documentation Centre of Gotica Toscana, more pictures are shown on the website, in Ponzalla in the town of Scarperia. Giogo Pass - September 20th 1944 - Two days before, the men of the 85a division have managed to break through the Gothic Line and take the top of Monte Altuzzo together with men of 91a that have faced the Germans in Monticelli. The road of the Giogo pass, HW6524 as identified by the Allies, is free and from the top, one sees the buttresses north of Firenzuola where the German troops are now waiting. The men of the 85a Infantry Division and 91a Infantry Division can sit in front of the old house of the Gogo pass, leaving free the HW6524 that passes to the side of the hill that dominates the pitch. The image is taken from the crest on the left just arrived in front of the house. The caption mentions "Collection Point to the house partially demolished on Monte Altuzzo". In the picture there are ninety men and twenty vehicles between trucks, jepp, trailers and accessories. The diorama, which reproduces the scene of the picture taken the 20 September 1944, is an idea and of Ferdinando Ulivit hat took care of the project, together with Luca Faini, and produced vehicles, soldiers, base stand and everything that serves for the diorama. Piero Falugiani is designer and the builder of the house of the Giogo, Luca Faini and Roberto Metelli cooperated for placement of the details and set-up of the base stand. The construction required seven months of work, some reconnaissance on the battlefield and a meticulous analysis of the original pictures.
  6. Inauguration of new WWII shows last June 18th 2016 of the Documentation Centre of Gotica Toscana in Ponzalla in the town of Scarperia with "La Gotica in vetrina"
  7. The Convoy of Liberation (now a trademarked name) is a living museum on wheels travelling along the roads of the Italian Campaign, and all who take part in it live a unique experience. The edition of 2016, held from the 23rd to the 25th of April, touched the area between Treviso and Padua and was hosted by the 51st Fighter Wing at the Istrana Aiir base and in Padua hosted in the “O. Salome” Barracks in Padua, seat of COMFODI-NORD. More than 150 WW2 vehicles and 440 reenactors participated to the event. http://www.goticatoscana.eu/EN/Events/The_Column_2016/column_2016.html More photos are on the FB pages of Gotica Toscana npa. We will not forget the values which are its deep inspirational motivations - peace, democracy, family, and opportunity for earning a fair pay through hard work. Values which underline our passion for historical vehicles, their restoration and preservation for future generations.
  8. angatti

    169th Engineer Combat Battalion

    I found a new photo where the 169th Engineer Combat Battalion is present, it is on the webpage dedicated to the 337th Engineer General Service Regiment. The 169th ECB road signs and Merry Christmas on Highway 65 near the Futa Pass - Winter 1944 - the road signs say HQ, C Co. and B Co. Photo from WW2 RADIO
  9. I just discovered it, do you mind where the video was taken from? Thanks Vee
  10. angatti

    Military Railway Service

    Available on the web site the transcript of "American "Rails" in eight countries". The story of the Military Railway Service http://www.goticatoscana.eu/EN/Italy_at_war/StoryOfMRS/StoryOf1stMRS.html Update added the the names of the recipients of the 1st MRS Certificate of Merit as of January 1st, 1945 and the description of the Certificate of Merit. all the best
  11. angatti

    Military Railway Service

    Starting from an old italian locomotive, I found something more! This is the story of the Whitcomb Locomotives Ne 120 and the Military Railway Service: The Whitcomb Locomotives Ne 120 and the Military Railway Service Last but not least Merry Christmas and happy new year
  12. angatti

    316th Engineer Combat Battalion

    News from the Forgotten front: The story of 316th Engineer Combat Battalion can be found here: 316th Engineer Combat Battalion The texts and photos are taken from “Engineer History - Mediterranean Theater - Fifth Army” This is a collection of information coming from different sources, my task was to reorganize them in a readable shape and make it available. Comments and contribution are welcome Andrea
  13. New URL 34th Infantry Division - The Red Bull Attacks