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  1. colinhotham

    343rd Engineer General Service Regiment

    It is obvious that a person or persons are looking after that memorial, now I want to understand more! Colin.
  2. Every now and then, especially if I wake early, I enjoy a journey through the latest posts on Marion's website. I was attracted to this post by the great photos and agree with both Todd and Marion that the photos here are an awesome collection. I particularly like the framed medals and badges, which I suppose is one man's WW2 history. Also in the photo of the truck, the young boy in light coloured shorts and shirt with his hands clasped behind his back would be around the same age as me if it was taken in 1942! The first and fourth photo remind me of the English seaside town and port of Margate near where I was born on the south east UK coast. Colin.
  3. colinhotham

    Looking for ANY Vets That was In the 291st,,

    Hi Kitty, I'm interested in your Grandpa from Sicily. Where did he come from on the island? I have visited Sicily often and that is the area of my research. Colin. (Royal Wootton Bassett, England, UK.) Also Check out: https://history.army.mil/html/books/010/10-22/CMH_Pub_10-22.pdf Many pages on the 291st!
  4. Over the last ten years John became an important person in my life as via this website and then attending the reunions I got to know and admire this special member of the greatest generation. With Marion's help I attended six reunions and met so many wonderful people and it was John's welcome from the start that made me want to return each year. We all owe him so much and I can only say "thank you" to him and wish him well. Colin.
  5. colinhotham


    TODAY- 10TH OF JULY 2018 - IS THE 75th ANNIVERSARY OF THE START OF OPERATION HUSKY. THE LANDINGS ON THE ISLAND OF SICILY WERE TO BECOME KNOWN AS "THE RETURN TO EUROPE" AFTER THE VICTORIES IN NORTH AFRICA. We will remember those members of the British and Commonwealth 8th Army, the United States 7th Army, and the Canadian 1st Division who gave their lives for us during the 37 day campaign!
  6. colinhotham

    41st Engineer Regiment.

    M1 I have come across a reference to this on the other WWII site I'm a member of. I cannot find it in the 'bible' or by putting it into search here. I dont even know if I have the correct wording for this unit. Can you help? Colin.
  7. colinhotham

    401st Combat Engineer Battalion from WW2

    Jason I cannot help you with details of anyone who might have served with your grandfather but I have a link that gives some idea of what he was doing in Jan/Aug 1945 during the advance to the Alps. His unit was obviously concerned with bridging and in particular the Bailey bridge. At Capua there was established the British Bailey bridge school open to Americans, which along with the American School at Maddaloni gave instruction on bridging. It could be he went through one of these establishments. The first mention of the 401st is on page 220* and reading on from there gives some idea of what your grandfather was going through. *See online: US Army in WW2 - The Technical Services - The Corps of Engineers The War Against Germany. (one volume) https://archive.org/details/corpsofengineers00beck NOTE. You may be interested that the person who created this website Marion Chard has made an excellent video entitled NO BRIDGE TOO FAR. www.nobridgetoofar.com Colin Hotham WW2 Researcher.
  8. colinhotham

    1264th Engineer Combat Battalion

    Sam, I enjoyed reading your Bastard Battalion story. Weston-Super-Mare is not far from my home in Wiltshire, UK and is a famous seaside resort these days as it was before WW2. I was interested to know of it's connection to the Bailey Bridge training. Thank you for posting. Colin.
  9. colinhotham

    292nd Engineer Combat Battalion (New Member)

    I am proud to have this (modern) poster hanging on my office wall. It came from my association with the 36th Combat Engineers Regiment over the last 14 years and attendance at their reunions. Colin.
  10. colinhotham

    Jean in Siegburg

    This is a reason for this great website's existence and what it does so well. As always the final credit goes to Marion. Colin.
  11. colinhotham

    2837th Engineer Petroleum Distribution Co.

    Bill, Search also in our "bible" https://archive.org/details/corpsofengineers00beck. Page 411 Colin.
  12. colinhotham

    Engineer Week and the GPO

    Todd, I have looked through your post dealing with the GPO and found it very interesting. Thank you for passing this on. Colin.
  13. colinhotham

    Tweets show preservation of burned military records

    I read through this very carefully and admire the work being done to rescue the burnt and water damaged records. The kind of work I'd love to be doing myself. My only thought is that it is only one third of those lost that can be dealt with and the other two thirds are gone forever! A tragic loss. Colin.
  14. colinhotham

    Black combat engineer

    The black US soldiers caused quite a stir when they arrived in the UK during WW2. I have seen footage in the past of them marching through English towns to the cheers of local residents. They were welcomed I know as another important contribution to the allies war effort. Colin.
  15. colinhotham

    In the Face of Obstacles - by Cheryl Frizzell

    I will be ordering this from my local library. Colin.
  16. colinhotham

    Relatives of Slain 36th Engineer Gets Replacement Purple Heart

    That is a great story M1. Do we know any more about him as a 36th Engineer? Is Farmington hills far from you in MI ? It is so good to see the certificate back where it belongs. Colin.
  17. Carl was a true friend and a very special person. Over the past 7 years I got to know him very well and stayed with him at his house in Barrington, RI, three times. He took me on many trips to show me round his state, which I will always treasure as great memories. He came from "the greatest generation" and we owe him and his fellow WW2 veterans so much. He will never be forgotten. R.I.P. Carl. Colin.
  18. colinhotham

    Veteran's Day 2016

    Todd I am honored to have met you and being able to call you a friend is really important to me. Colin.
  19. colinhotham

    Veteran's Day 2016

    I will be at Royal Air Force Blake Hill Farm here in Wiltshire on Sunday as usual. This long gone RAF station was used for the D-Day landings and ceased to exist many years ago. I will be honouring all the British, Canadian and United States forces that flew from this airfield in C47's and gliders. Colin.
  20. colinhotham

    Future Engineer's Reunion - Please voice your opinions!

    Well I think 12 would work but I make it 15+ and the one thing a lower number would affect is our relationship with the Crowne Plaza's attitude to room discount and hospitality suite. Perhaps we'll end up in a B&B??? Maybe we now leave it till the new year and than start a positive drive to recruit people for 2017. I think of people like Nancy and those who respond on FB but don't attend? Your last paragraph holds the key Marion! Colin.
  21. colinhotham

    Future Engineer's Reunion - Please voice your opinions!

    Hi Marion, I totally agree that some thought is needed on this before the annual reunion ceases to exist by default! No one is here to make the decisions for us any more but we have proved by the 2016 reunion that it is possible that when a number of interested and dedicated people pool their efforts an amazing outcome can be achieved. There is already a core of enthusiastic, relations, friends and those that wish to be associated with the 36th/540th in an annual get together. So why not widen it to include paying a yearly tribute ALL engineer vets, but keeping the current format/location? Colin.
  22. My research on Operation Husky (Sicily 1943) and RAF Blakehill Farm (1943-1952) led me recently, on a bright April morning to RAF Shawbury near Shrewsbury in the UK. I was here at the invitation of the curator of the Assault Glider Trust, Rachael Abbiss to visit the organisation based in space in two hangers at this active RAF station. My guide for this visit was one of the trustees Martin Locke and I am very grateful for the informative and interesting tour he gave me. I was extremely impressed by the attention to detail and workmanship of the volunteers building new parts and repairing old Horsa Gliders and associated aircraft and equipment. This is a very specialised area of restoration requiring good woodworking skills amongst others and the result is there to see. I took many pictures during my visit but have decided that the Trust's website offers much more detail, so here is the link: www.assaultglidertrust.co.uk You will see there is a tie-up with Lubbock, Texas and Waco Gliders. I join in the hope that one day there will be a museum housing all the fruits of the work of this very worthwhile organisation. Colin.
  23. colinhotham

    Gliding into battle.

    Randy, Thank you for reviving my post with the information about the glider crash. I had never heard of this! Colin.
  24. colinhotham

    105th engineers, 30th Infantry Division

    Frank, You might like to try this if you have not already seen? https://archive.org/details/corpsofengineers00beck Pages: 371- 73 and 420. Colin.
  25. colinhotham

    Company C of the 342nd Engrs

    Hi Phillip, The 342nd appears a number of times in the volume we call our "bible" 0n WW2. https://archive.org/stream/corpsofengineers00beck#page/n3/mode/2up Pages 38, 271, 346-47, 353-54 and 398. They were one of the first engineer units to arrive in the UK and were heavily involved in construction and repair there and in Europe. Colin.