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    Bob MacGillivray

    Sorry guys! I posted in the wrong area. Donna
  2. Bob MacGillivray passed away Oct. 12th, 2005. Sgt., 286th Field Artillery Observation Battalion, Battery B, Sound Platoon Thanks to the help of this site and Ed Marinello I was given the change to speak with Bob and learn about his time during WWll. Below is a link of an article written about Bob. He will be greatly missed. http://tillamookheadlightherald.com/news/s...m?story_no=4788 Donna
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    New To Site

    I wanted to thank everyone for their help. WWll Connections is able to account for every week my grandfather served. I am going to order the delux package once I finish paying for my daughters uniforms and camp. She made the high school dance team and things sure got a lot more expensive than when I was in high school. I also want to thank Stevin for the book suggestion. "On The Way: General Patton's eyes and ears on the enemy". I scaned through the book, and in the back listed the men of Battery B. There it was my grandfather's name. I was overjoyed. Once again thank you to everyones help. Donna
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    New To Site

    I want to thank you all for your time in helping me. I went home this weekend and took everything back from my dad that I have found during my search. Maybe some of this information can help. I have his separation qualification record. His army serial no. 37 141 691, Grade 1st Sgt. The description-related civilian occupation said: First Sergeant, Supervised and directed the work of the administrative section of organization in the preparation of correspondence, records, forms, reports and orders. Supervised the preparation of forms on personal matters, including proceedings, morning reports, sick reports, duty rosters, furloughs and discharges. Kept a staff journal and policy file. This was signed by officer Chester J. Dickinson Major AGD. I have a copy of his Section lll Award of Bronze Star Medals. Some of the information is marked out with **** marks. One thing I have not said about my grandfather is that I have only known him as William "Bill" Carter. We found out before he passed away about him changing his name and social security number. I have been searching for reasons why he changed his name and started his life over. I do have to say I have really enjoyed learning everything I have so far. No matter why he left his family behind my love for him will never change. Finding out about his bronze star has put him even more so upon a pestol. I have a lot of letters I have sent to the U.S Department of Justice, FBI, Social Security Dept. and I have also sent off for his military records with no luck. I would fax or mail anyone all the information I have to look at if it might help. My grandfather was born with the name of Willard M. Catron from Kansas. I have had the chance to meet with one of his daughters he left behind. For 55 years he was though of as dead. Once again I thank each of you from the bottom of my heart for the information and time you have already provided. Donna
  5. catron2carter

    New To Site

    Hi! My name is Donna. I am hoping someone can help me learn more about the time my grandfather spent during WWll. He told me a long time ago: *50th division regular army *Fought in the battle of bulge *Had to play dead, because the emeny was killing everyone I have an v-mail that states: *1st Sgt. Willard M Catron 286th FA. Obsn ( I have not been able to find any info. on 286th) * Bronze Star citition for risking his life to save another during the ETO. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Donna