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  1. Pam Marcus

    324th Engineer BN WW11

    Hello my name is Pamela (Boatwright) Marcus, I am the granddaughter of the late Joseph Z Boatwright, he was in PFC324 Engineer BN WW11. My grandfather passed when my father was only 2 years of age, therefore we never really knew him. My grandmother remarried soon after his tragic death, would not discuss grandad and going threw life not knowing who you really are or your ancestors is really troubleing. That is why I am here, trying to gather any and all the info I possibly can concerning my late granddad. If you have any info on him please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank You, Pamela Boatwright Marcus (706)581-8124 (email removed for privacy) Please see attachment of Joseph Z. Boatwright
  2. Pam Marcus

    324th Engineer BN WW11

    Thank you so much Jim,and yes I would love to dig deeper, the problem is I have no records, medals strips, or anything except his headstone on his plot where he is burried, although I'd like to dig as deep as I possibly can, I don't even know where to start because of my grandmother not wanting to talk about him although I should have while she was alive ( I regrete it!) ............courious to know everything I can. Proud and ONLY granddaughter of Joe Boatwright. Pam Boatwright Marcus