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  1. :14_1_106:


    Hi! Will be 78 on the 15th. Had an early BD party ON the 6th!. My last childhood birthday.


    Single now. Mother of 6 wonderful kids. They gave me 16 grandchildren. THen 12 greats with 3 more on the way. They keep me busy.


    I thought I had a terrible life because my Dad told me I was stupid and couldn't do anything right. I believed him. An old classmate (by e mail) helped me see my life differently. I had a good life but chose to be negative.


    God let me see that he was a miserable unhappy person. I can see him in a different light. He was In Germany during WW 1.


    He got shrapnel in his hand and got a purple heart for that. He was gassed while over there. With the help of smoking too much, he died of throat cancer.


    MY husband went to see him in the hospitall before he died. He told my hubby that he wished he would have treated me better. I was the best of the bunch! I was able to forgive him before he died. The only time he was proud of me was when I won the American Legion Medal in 8th Grade!


    Since I am retired I began to write testimonies of how how God took care of me the years I was alone in strange and dangerous places since my husband (He was in the Korean War) divorced me to marry someone else.He really did me a favor for it made me really grow up! I was able to forgive him just before they pulled his life support.


    MY items are on several different sites. I have met a lot of nice people all over the world even from Pakistan. He became a Christian preacher!


    I have had so many experiences mostly by cyber space. It is very rewarding.


    Just call me Gabby. God bless all of you. I hope to get to know you better.

  2. Here's a bit more!


    I was only 11 when Pearl Harbor was bombed so don't remember too much


    It's ironic but my Dad drank Postum all teh time uncil coffee was rationed!

    Funny but I don't remember ever being without cookies and cakes etc.

    We did use molasses. Ginger cookies etc



    Sugar and Coffee


    Sugar was the first table food rationed during World War II; sugar rationing began in the spring of 1942. So many shoppers were purchasing hundred-pound bags that stores soon set a limit of ten pounds for each purchaser. The U.S. government issued War Ration Book One in early May 1942 to ration sugar and coffee. This first book contained coupons to present at each purchase. The sugar ration was eight ounces for each person per week. The amount was later increased to twelve ounces. Office of Price Administration (OPA) inspectors enforced the rationing restrictions as best they could.


    The sugar shortage meant putting less sugar in drinks and foods and finding substitutes such as saccharin and corn syrup. Honey was another popular sugar substitute; beehives were reportedly stolen in California for their honey. Coconut kisses sweetened with honey and molasses replaced chocolate kisses. Restaurants put less sugar in their sugar bowls and asked customers to limit their use. People bought more goods from bakeries to avoid depleting their own sugar supplies at home.




    The rationing of coffee started in November 1942. The threat of looming coffee shortages and rationing led to much hoarding, which only caused shortages to occur sooner than expected. To combat hoarding, the government froze all sales of coffee in late October 1942. Citizens were allowed one pound of coffee per adult every five weeks. Coffee drinkers who wanted more than their rationed amount had to resort to the black market or rebrew their used coffee grounds. Many who were not coffee drinkers began drinking coffee to make use of their coupons; others gave coffee ration coupons as wedding presents. Rationing of coffee stopped in July 1943.