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  1. Does anyone know what happened to the 163rd website? I think it has been taken down. Thanks!
  2. Great information! Thanks for posting this. I'm always on the lookout for information regarding the 163rd Engineer Battalion.
  3. Roy

    Camp Sumter, AKA Andersonville

    Darlene, Sorry for the delay in responding, but the book is titled: "Homegrown Yankees: Tennessee's Union Cavalry In The Civil War" by James Alex Baggett. Refer to page 393 to the embittered Union vet.
  4. Roy

    Camp Sumter, AKA Andersonville

    I would definately recommend a visit to Andersonville for those that have not visited. It really shows how horrible the Civil War was. I recall reading about how a Tennessee Unionist who was held at Andersonville responded when a former Confederate veteran was going to be the pastor of his church. This CS veteran happened to serve in the regiment that captured the Union soldier, and his regiment. The Union vet objected to the selection of the pastor, and when told to forgive, he was quoted as saying, "The Lord was only crucified, he never had to spend time in Andersonville!". There are over 700 Tennessee Unionists buried in the Andersonville Cemetery. Actually, there was another man tried and convicted during the war for war crimes. He was Champ Ferguson, and was a noted guerilla fighter. He was active in the Tennessee/Kentucky area, and was notorious for murdering any Federal soldier he captured, even shooting to death one who was laying in his hospital bed. There is a book that has been recently published about him recently.
  5. Hello Janis, You are correct regarding your father's collar disc. They are for the coastal artillery. Thanks for sharing your father's photograph.
  6. Roy

    Hello, New Guy Here!

    As promised, here is more information on Captain Gordon Queen: He was a sergeant in Company B 105th Engineers and took a commission as an officer in the 305th Engineer Battalion. If I am not mistaken, thte 105th Engineers were assigned to the 30th Infantry Division.
  7. Roy

    WWII Engineer Insignia

    I thought that I would share with you a few items from my collection of insignia. With this being a forum dedicated to the Engineers, I thought that I would focus on my Engineer items. The unit crests represents the following units: 21st Engineer Regiment, 116th Engineer Regiment, 2nd Engineer Battalion, and the Engineer School. All of the insignia are of WWII vintage being either a pinback or screwback as fasteners. The officer's castle is also of WWII vintage. The sea horse patch represents amphibious engineers, and the other patch represents the aviation engineers. This particular patch is the second variation, with the first variation showing a flying bulldozer with soldier with a long barrelled rifle. Thanks for looking!
  8. I've just found an interesting WWII movie that is set during the Battle of the Bulge. It is called "Silent Night" and stars Linda Hamilton. In a nutshell, the movie is about three American and three German soldiers that find their way to a lady's cabin, and despite their differences, spend Christmas eve in the cabin and celebrate Christmas. If I am not mistaken, Hallmark produced the movie, and it is a very good movie.
  9. Roy

    Hello, New Guy Here!

    Thank you very much, Larry! That is the man! As soon as I receive an IDPF, I'll be sure to post a follow up. Thanks again!
  10. Roy

    Need some research help

    If I am not mistaken, the 157th was a part of the 1109th Engineer Group. If you visit the website of the 163rd Engineers, www.163rd.com they have photos of their bailey bridge that they built at Worms, Germany.
  11. Roy

    Hello, New Guy Here!

    Thank you for the warm welcome, Larry! I do recall my great uncle telling me about buliding a pontoon bridge across the Rhine River at Worms, Germany, and later on, picking up an abandoned German rifle and going deer hunting to provide some venison for his comrades. At the time, I found this story interesting as at that time, I was using a German K98 Mauser rifle as a deer hunting rifle. I still have the rifle, and everytime I get it out of the rack, I think of Charlie and his hunting trip in Germany. As far as research goes regarding the 305th, I've sent off to the Personnel Records Center in St. Louis for the records of a Captain Gordon Queen who was KIA serving in the 305th Engineer Battalion in France. I don't even know what company he was with, but hopefully the records will arrive shortly.
  12. Roy

    Hello, New Guy Here!

    Thank you for your kind words. I've spent the better part of last night reading over information posted on the main site, and I am just amazed by how much information has been posted on thet USCOE! It is ironic that at the park where I work, we work very closely with the civilian side of the Corps of Engineers. When I was the Interpretive Ranger, I would communicate with the COE Rangers at the Lake Allatoona office for permission to hold black powder weapons demonstrations on the Allatoona Pass Civil War Battlefield. They have been great to work with on various projects. Recently, I ordered a book titled "Building For Victory" It is about the 1875th Aviation Engineer Battalion in the China Burma India Theater. Is anyone familiar with this book? It hasn't arrived yet, and was curious as to whether or not it will be a good read.
  13. Hello, I'm Roy Queen, a new member of this forum. I thought that I would say hello, and introduce myself. Why am I here? I'm a former member of the 844th Engineer Battalion, USAR, and have a strong interest in anything relating to the US Army Corps of Engineers. My great uncle served in the 163rd Engineer Battalion in France and Germany, a distant cousin served in the 2nd Engineer Battalion and was KIA in Korea, and another cousin served in the 305th Engineer Battalion, and was KIA in France in October 1944. I'm currently employed as a ranger for Georgia State Parks. I look forward to participating in the forums!