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I am grandson to Staff Sergeant John. J Walkonis. of the 36th combat engineers, Co. C.


for the last several months I have been trying to retrieve every scrap of information I can about him.


He enlisted to the arm before the war, I believe he was in service 6 years prior. He was near his mid twenties when he was activated for the Second World War. He made 5 amphibious assaults, and was injured and discharged from Anzio.


His life was difficult after the war. His five children and wife, never knew who he was as he kept most of himself inside. he experienced night terrors every day of his life. I have requested his record be reconstructed. as his was destroyed like so many others in the big archive fire of the 70's. however, i feel i will be left with many more questions.



My goal is to find information about the man who was John J. Walkonis, and bring a side of him to light that none of his children or grandchildren ever knew. I hope I can find out more information about soldiers who served in his company and at the same time find out more about him. I wish to know what happened to him in Anzio. as the stories that have been told are filled with holes. If anyone has information regarding him or the fighting men of company, "C", I would be eternally in your debt.


I speak on his and my families behalf. John passed away in 2003.


He is in the 36th engineers history book under Company C.