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  1. Walkonis 36th

    A proper introduction

    I never did really describe myself as I would have liked to previously in the forum. I have had a great weight of assistance from everyone here finding information about te mystery that was my grandfather. Cpt. fallon was the most tremendous of help. through him I was able to pinpoint the exact date and some nature of what happened to my grandfather in Anzio on March 2nd 1944. he, along with 5 others were hit with artillery fire on the moletta river front. 5 of them including my grandfather sustained light to heavy injuries (my grandfather lost use of most ho his right hand, unable to fire a weapon he was sent home), another, a pfc. was killed in action. but this has only been but the beginning of what I see as a long search for answers. when my grandfather passed on in 2003, my family had given all of his WWII posessions to me. but among all of his letters and mementos I never found any information of other men who he fought proudly along side with. he has not been to a reunion since 1988 (the year my cousin was tragically killed in a car accident). this has left my search near bleak and at a standstill. I have made all possible arrangements to have his records and awards reassembled, for further understanding. however, we all know this can take a great deal of time. his information is as follows: s.sgt John J. Walkonis co."C" 1st btn. 36th engineer regiment (combat) any information, or contacts that can lead me to finding more truth about my grandfather would help to fill the hole that was left behind when he passed away. since I was young I was drawn to the lives of soldiers. I never found romance in the truth of warfare. for these men it was a call of duty with tremendous sacrifice. it has been my life's ambition to help many to see that. I believe this is what has drawn me to become a filmmaker. I love this medium of art for what it can tell us about human condition. some of us can look at a painting and find meaning. others, can read books, or play songs and close their eyes to paint a picture of text or song. but many can't paint a picture or imagine a scenario. many of us are quite literal and need to see a moment in it's happening. that is what has drawn me to film. I am an independant filmmaker and producer, a theatre trained actor, and trained journalist. I have completed a degree in both acting and journalism, and currently I am studying film with a focus in directing at the School of Visual Art in Manhattan. I collect WWII militaria and reproductions for the purpose of filmmaking. I am a long distance runner, avid reader, and all around joker. I live to make people laugh. even when it is hard to find humor in the most dire of situations. I am a great friend and a horrible enemy. a pleasure to meet all of you.
  2. Hey all, it has been a while since I have posted. I have been corresponding with Capt. John T Fallon. he has sent me numerous documents to assist me search to know more about my grandfather. he has been an incredible help. he was able to tell me specifically when my grandfather was wounded. 3/2/1944. (pg. 39 of the casualty report) he has offered me more first person insight to Salerno, Anzio, and Southern France. I am very grateful to all of you for assisting me in learning about the 36th engineer regiment (combat) and all the other engineer groups of th VI corps. Combat engineers. as I learn more, I will keep you posted. -Frank
  3. Walkonis 36th

    New here!

    Hi Boely, Welcome! everyone here is very kind and very helpful. hope to hear more from you. -Frank wow, these 1/35 cale models are well done. I used to paint a great deal of infantry 1/35 when I was younger. I am going to dig them up and post them. I started collecting 1/6 models from (Dragon Models). They are incredibly detailed . For a 12" toy it is crazy when everything on the weopns has moving parts, or the linings come out of the jackets.
  4. Walkonis 36th


    Marion, no I didn't! I guess I would have, if we spoke further. darn , that is disappointing. although, it is great to hear that the 36th combat engineers are respected to be reenacted in Europe. Thanks for keeping me posted. Thanks again! -Frank
  5. Walkonis 36th


    Mi Marion, I have been trying to get in touch with the 36th engineer reenactor, through his blog. I attempted to befriend him. but no response. in fact I found his page before I found your incredible website. I was very interested in joining a Reenactment group for the 36th combat engineers. I have assemble to the best of my ability, a historically accurate series of uniforms to the specifications of my grandfathers ( from what I know so far). I have hbt's, wools, service uniform, an m41 field jacket. leggings, field suspenders, m1 garand ammo belt, an m1 garand, and of course dui pins and seahorse patches. since I have not heard from anyone I actually decided to spend a week over at fort indiantown gap in pa with the WWII federation, late January. I will be the only 36th combat engineer present. since this is a battle of the bulge reenactment I did invest in winter clothing, including an m43 field jacket to be warm. in my journey of collecting gear and uniforms I have started making friends in the reenactor circuit. I will keep you posted as I talk more with them. talk to you soon, -Frank
  6. Hi everyone! Thanks for all of your help so far. I have gone through, and read all of the situation reports. It took me a few days. However, I did not find anything. I decided to site every event that involved 1st Bn, or co "C". Then I will have a time line of what is reported. Perhaps I am looking at them incorrectly. but there was no mention of his name or serial number (although I am pretty sure that serial numbers were not put in the sit-reps except for the casualty record from February). In concerns to the main page. that is actually how I discovered this forum. I have read through the journal of the 36th combat engineers. I have read the year book. (sgt. John J. Walkonis co "C", 4th row). I have discovered a great deal from these reports. However, I am sure you can all imagine I was posed with more questions. This is why I made contact. Perhaps I have not looked into all the avenues of the site. I believe, now that I looked at all of the resources provided. I have gone through the 36th engineers page and the other WWII resources. Before I found the 6thcorp homepage, I already mailed all requests for records and medals to be reissued to my mother. From my understanding, my Grandfather has not been to a 36th combat engineer reunion for over 20 years. Best wishes and happy holidays! -Frank De Jesus (Grandson of S. Sgt John J. Walkonis co. "C", 36th combat engineers)
  7. oh great! Thank you Larry! -Frank
  8. Thanks for the warm welcome! glad to be here.

  9. Hi all! Does anyone have possession of any morning reports for the 36th combat engineers? those would have more descriptive detail about when my grandfather was injured. to add, I have decided to begin interviewing my family members about my grandfather. I will be asking questions about who he was after the war, and who they thought he was before and during the war. I will be signing out an HD camera from school and filming these interviews. On thanksgiving I will be going to my uncles with a scanner. he has most of my grandfathers pictures from the war days. I will pass them along and hope they can provide many of you with more information. If anyone has any information that could assist me or point me in the right direction for assistance, I am in your debt. Thanks again everyone! -Frank De Jesus (Grandson of S.SGT. John J. Walkonis co. "C")
  10. Walkonis 36th

    36th Engineer Combat Regiment

    hi Peanut, my grandfather served with the 36th combat engineers. S. Sgt John J. Walkonis, Co. "c" 1st batallion. I too am trying to find as much information as i can to bring more of him to light for my family to aknowlege. I have been around the forum in various discussions asking for information. I have sent for his service records. is there any more recources that I can use to find out more about him? thank you for your time, -Frank Grandson of an engineer.
  11. Walkonis 36th

    Frank Surek - 36th Engineer Regiment

    my grandfather was in company "c" and was injured in anzio. Unfortunately my grandfather passed away a few years ago. is there any way of knowing who was in a squad with my grandfather? everything I have read about co. "c" was that they were mostly oriented with infantry. and I came across a casualty list for company "C" and the numbers were quite low. I will try and find that source again an post it.
  12. Walkonis 36th

    Capt Todd in Iraq

    Todd, these pictures are incredible! thank you for serving and protecting our country. -Frank
  13. Thank you Todd! I am looking forward to it! -Frank
  14. Walkonis 36th

    Are you moviegoer ?

    that is Gregory Peck (one of my favorite actors, next to Brando) its not the guns of navarone is it?
  15. Greeting All, I am a Grandson of Staff Sergeant John. J Walkonis. of the 36th combat engineers, Co. C. for the last several months I have been trying to retrieve every scrap of information I can about him. He enlisted before the war, I believe he was in service 6 years prior. He was near his mid twenties when he was activated for the Second World War. He made 5 amphibious assaults, and was injured and discharged from Anzio. His life was difficult after the war. His five children and wife, never knew who he was as he kept most of himself inside. he experienced night terrors every day of his life. I have requested his record be reconstructed. as his was destroyed like so many others in the big archive fire of the 70's. however, i feel i will be left with many more questions. My goal is to find information about the man who was John J. Walkonis, and bring a side of him to light that none of his children or grandchildren ever knew. I hope I can find out more information about soldiers who served in his company and at the same time find out more about him. I wish to know what happened to him in Anzio, as the stories that have been told are filled with holes. If anyone has information regarding him or the fighting men of company, "C", I would be eternally in your debt. I speak on his and my families behalf. John passed away in 2003. He is in the 36th engineers history book under Company C. He looked like quite a character in my opinion. S.SGT, John J. Walkonis, 36th engineers Co. "C" WWII Sinerely, Frank De Jesus [son of Denise Walkonis(Daughter of John Walkonis)]