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  1. Ron Nash

    Serving in Both Theatres in WWII

    Rumor has it my uncle one was one of those men. He was a Seabee and served first in Italy, I believe, then was sent to the Pacific were he served on Guadacanal, Bougainville, Eniwetok and finally on Guam before coming home. I haven't been able to confirm this as of yet but I have it on a good source from my family. Ron
  2. Ron Nash

    Bougainville Seabees

    Thurman, just wanted to thank you again for assisting me a while back with the search I was conducting on my Uncle who chewed some of the same sand as your father. We've since had many chats regarding his time in the Pacific. Nothing really earth shattering but I think he enjoys having an ear to bend and it's nice to be able to talk intelligently on the subject with him. You really helped to zero in on where he was and what he did by identifying the 53rd for me. It's hard keeping up with him tho, seems like every time we start talking about something he brings up another engagement and then I have to do some more research. Funny how those old guys remember so much Anyhow, keep the updates coming. The Seabee's were truly unsung hero's of WWII like so many others. Never hurts to shine the light on them when we can! Ron
  3. Ron Nash

    Christmas 1914

    Funny you post this Lennon, I just watched a History Channel special on this and it just so happens to be running again tomorrow, December 22nd @ 11 am and 5 pm. The show is called the Christmas Truce and has some amazing pictures taken along with a great narrative. I recomend it to all. Off topic, congratulations on joining Marion's merry band. To all, have a very Merry Christmas and the Happiest of New Year's. Ron
  4. Ron Nash

    3-7-I Recon

    Please add my thoughts and prayers Joe, I hope all will be well soon. Ron
  5. Ron Nash

    Don Burgett's September trip

    Good stuff there Marion. I've been following their (Burgett/Bando) progress over on Mark's site and I know the build-up to this trip has been great. I'm very happy that Mr. Burgett is afforded this oppurtunity to once again (and probably for the last time) return to those hallowed grounds. Much like my conversations in the Berchestegarden thread, I can't imagine what thoughts and emotions go through one's mind at a moment like that. Ron
  6. Ron Nash

    Berchtesgaden - The Eagles Nest

    Joe, I just wnated to thank you for such a warm invitation and one that I will be taking you up on very soon. The things you remember are the very things I was talking about. Talk to you soon and thanks agian. Ron
  7. Ron Nash

    Berchtesgaden - The Eagles Nest

    I can’t imagine all the thoughts and emotions that were going through your head as you advanced through Germany. I’ve always wanted to sit down with a veteran and just talk, no real agenda just talk. I don’t think you can get a real feel for what was going on if you bring a questionnaire with you and start there. I’m more interested in the mundane everyday things like what did you do while you were there? Where you free to roam the city at your leisure? How much time did you spend getting set up only to leave the next day? I’m sure the time spent in Berchestegarden wasn’t spent entirely on securing the population. What did it feel like to be in the absolute ground zero for the Nazi party and know that you had kicked their ass? Was the populace relieved that it was over or did they still want to fight? This is such a small part of the great history of WWII but we could talk all day about it. There are a million questions that roll through my mind when I think about this stuff but then when I go to put it down on paper my mind goes blank. I could go on all day about this stuff but I realize that many vets are just as happy not to discuss the matter and that must be respected. The few that are still around and willing to share these memories are cherished treasures to me and most that frequent boards such as these. I apologize for rambling on, guess I get caught up in the discussion sometimes. Again, Joe, Russ and all the other vets on this site that share their histories with us, thank you so much. And Marion thanks for making it all possible. Ron
  8. Ron Nash

    Berchtesgaden - The Eagles Nest

    As was I. That was part of the reason I posted the link as he had it correct chronologically, don't see that too often these days. The pictures were pretty cool as well. Again to you and Russ, I can't adequately express my gratitude in writing for what you all did. I was born in 1964, long after the conflict was done and over but I can't get past what you all gave up to go and fight. Words of thanks will never be enough to cover the debt we owe you. Glad you enjoyed the link Ron
  9. Ron Nash

    Berchtesgaden - The Eagles Nest

    http://www.thirdreichruins.com/bgaden.htm Came across this site today for the first time and remembered our discussion on the topic a while ago. Just thought I'd add some more evidence to support the happening in Berchtegaden at the end of the war. By the way, pretty cool site too. Enjoy Ron
  10. Ron Nash

    Dachau and the 45th

    Thank you for posting that link Mr. Hinkle, it certainly contained some enlightening information. Also, thank you for your service. Ron
  11. Ron Nash

    Dachau and the 45th

    Yea, I'm surprised that more people don't know the story behind it but then I just stumbled on the link by accident. It's true the victor's write the history I guess. And even still, I don't have a huge problem with the action. Obviously I wasn't there but I can't say that I wouldn't have done the same thing under the circumstances. Tough call and a damn shame that so many people had to be exposed to that and put in a position where a decision like that was made. It's hard to believe human beings could treat one another like that (meaning the Germans & their treatment of the Jews). God bless all of you that put a stop to it. Ron
  12. Ron Nash

    Dachau and the 45th

    Couple of good links on the subject: ***WARNING - Pretty graphic pictures in here*** http://www.scrapbookpages.com/DachauScrapb...iersKilled.html http://www.humanitas-international.org/arc...hau-liberation/ I stumbled across that last link a year or so ago, first I had heard of the event. I'll be interested to read this book. Thanks for the heads up. Ron
  13. Ron Nash

    Chetnik Mountain Interview

    Thanks for that Marion, just printed it off. I'm half Serbian, half Croation so I joke that if I was over there now I would have to shoot myself. Most people don't get the joke or understand the ethnic problems over there. My Mom & Dad had a lot of problems when they first got married because even then, it wasn't very accepted for a Serb and Croat to get married with the hardcore that came over on the boat like my grandparents. When Tito died, everything went to hell over there. It's an ethinic hotbed like no other that goes back hundreds, if not thousands of years. I'm sure the members of the MB from Serbia have a much greater understanding/appreciation of this, a lot moreso than a redneck from OH that is 3 generations removed and can't even speak the language. Thanks again Marion, looking forward to the read. Hope you have a great 4th. Ron
  14. Ron Nash

    Navy Seabees

    Not mine Marion but I'll take credit anyhow I was doing some further research on my Uncle and came across it. I actually Googled the unit Thurman mentioned and it was one of the links that came up. I had dinner recently with my Uncle and we were discussing his island hopping and he mentioned the Seabee's that had gone ashore with the Marines but never recieved the recognition for it. I had recalled reading it somewhere and of course, came to the site with all the info. Thanks to you and to Thurman. I printed up a nice article on the 133rd and gave it to my Uncle this Sunday to read. I also told him that while it may be 60 years too late, they were not forgotten and there were still many people that remembered and fight to get them their just recoginition. We were at a function and couldn't talk but I know it made him happy to hear it. Ron
  15. Ron Nash

    Navy Seabees

    http://www.petitiononline.com/IwoCB133/petition.html Sign up
  16. Ron Nash

    Dick Winter's medal?

    Hi again Marion, we seem to be frequenting the same haunts today. I think we are both firmly in the same camp on this issue although it would be a nice end to a distinguished career. I'm tired of debating the appropriateness of the upgrade so I'll just say that if it would bring a smile to an old man's face, one more time, so be it. Perhaps then he will finally be left to himself and can spend the time he has left in peace. Ron
  17. Ron Nash

    sent a package to Iraq this week

    Need some of the old D-Ration chocolate that you could pound a tent stake with and have for supper later
  18. Ron Nash

    sent a package to Iraq this week

    Good for you Marion. I have a friend over there as well and I need to get him a package, maybe this will kickstart my procrasstinating butt I try to send one out every month but it seems to slip sometimes. You get wrapped up in your normal life and then suddenly start thinking about what they are going thru and it usually motivates me to get something together. For future note, I would shy away from anything that can melt. Chocolate, cheese, anything that won't last more than a few days, cookies, etc. Hard candy, suckers, stuff like that is cool but remember, it can get to 130 in the shade over there. Beef jerky, baby wipes, Crystal lemonade mix, anything to read, batteries, all big hits.
  19. Ron Nash


    Thanks Marion, I appreciate that. I looked into NARA, need to submit a form to retrieve his records but I don't have all the information necessary to fill it out. Literally, these documents are all I have and my Uncle (his half brother) wouldn't have the information either. I'm going to fill out as much as I can and send it in hopes of it being enough, guess we'll see. Thanks again, you're the best
  20. Ron Nash


    Hi all but especially Marion since I'm hoping she can direct me to the right spot. My uncle was a Seabee in the Pacific during WWII. I wrote to him asking some general questions regarding his service in the hopes he will tell me of his time there. Are there any sites you've run across that have any details concerning the Seabee's and their involvement in WWII? Just curious, I tried Google and get a few but nothing really that informative. Thanks for any help. Ron
  21. Ron Nash


    Need some advice/help. Based on the two attached documents, is there any way to find out more about the individual?
  22. Ron Nash

    Berchtesgaden - The Eagles Nest

    I beg to differ, you and all the infantry men were the army/airborne/navy/marines that made you're generation so special. Don't sell yourself short And I think I speak for all of us when I say that what may seem boring or uneventful to you is a wealth of knowledge for us. Never stop telling your story, there will always be a an ear to listen. Ron
  23. Ron Nash

    Berchtesgaden - The Eagles Nest

    Great article for those that haven't read it. It's a shame that historical facts get so jumbled up and then Hollywood gets involved and promotes the untruth's. It's sad to say that BoB reached many more people than that article ever will but fight the good fight and keep posting, a little progress is better than no progress at all j3rdinf, I'm relatively new here so I can't address you properly but please accept my profound thanks and appreciation for your service. You and all the men you served with will always have my respect and admiration. Stay well. Ron
  24. Ron Nash


    Hi Marion, just wanted to update this a bit. I finally heard back from my Uncle, seems he was in Bougainville. I've come across some good stuff on the invasion there just haven't had much of chance to sift thru it yet. He sent me an accomodation that his unit (actually the whole 3rd Marine Division) received for their actions there. He was part of the Naval Construction Battalion, First Marine Amphibious Corps. Tried to do a cursory search for some information on that but came up with nothing. He also sent me some information on his half-brother who was a ambulance driver and received the Bronze Star for his actions at Okinawa & the Ryukyu Islands. Pretty good stuff there. As I find out more or if I find out more, I'll keep this updated. Thanks again for your help Marion.
  25. Ron Nash

    Rethinking the Iwo Jima Myth

    Agree Jiggers, I get tired of people looking back and pointing out the deficencies with strategies employed 60 years ago. War is war, it sucks, bad sh*t happens and the one underlying constant is that men will make mistakes. No one knows how they will react under those circumstances until it actually happens. Sitting back and pointing fingers 60 years after the fact serves no purpose and in my eyes, diminishes what those Marines achieved. I understand the need for us to learn from our mistakes so as not to repeat them but there is no point in this type of stuff. Leave the politics out of it, make it analytical and I'm good with it.