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  1. Jiggersfromsphilly

    Papa Art is gone...

    My deepest condolences to Art's family and friends. He was a prince of a man and he will be missed. Gentle landings Papa.
  2. Jiggersfromsphilly

    Bill and Babe's new Book

    Wild Bill and Babe have a new book comming out on Oct 2nd. There will be a book signing in Philadelphia PA on Oct 4th at Barnes and Noble 1805 Walnut St Phila PA 19103 (215)665-0716, with more to follow in different parts of the country. There is one scheduled for the D-Day Museum in New Orleans later in Oct. Check out this site for more information. http://www.brothersinbattlethebook.com/
  3. Jiggersfromsphilly

    36th & 540th Combat Engineers Reunion 2007

    GOD bless the Fallon Family!
  4. Jiggersfromsphilly

    62 Years ago today

    I would just like to ask everyone to take a moment to remember the men who landed 62 years ago today to take Iwo Jima. May all who gave their lives there, rest in eternal peace. May the ones who returned have our thanks and prayers for their sacrifices and service. God Bless them all!
  5. Jiggersfromsphilly


    Isn't that the road towards Utah Beach ?
  6. Jiggersfromsphilly

    World War II movie lists

    Battleground may be one of the finest movies of all on WW2. The used a lot of the Bulge vets for extras and there is a scene in the beggining where they are in camp and the building that is headquarters (Some where on the back lot at the studio) Actualy looks a lot like the real one in Mourmelon where the 101st was stationed after Holland! Looks like someone in set design was a vet of the BOB
  7. Jiggersfromsphilly

    Passing of Vincent Leckey

    My deepest sympathies to the family. May he rest in peace!
  8. Jiggersfromsphilly

    another find from WW 2

    Thank You Joe ! This is an interesting piece of history.
  9. Jiggersfromsphilly

    BOB again today

    I think that John Ford's "The Battle of San Pietro shows the crossing of the Rapido River near Cassino. It has some of the best action scenes !
  10. Jiggersfromsphilly

    BOB again today

    Babe says "Thanks". He still yells at people when they call him "Mr Heffron"!!!
  11. Jiggersfromsphilly

    BOB again today

    Its 70 degrees here and I had breakfast with Babe Heffron this morning. he said it was nice not to have snow!
  12. Jiggersfromsphilly

    What Happened to Your Uniforms?

    If you can't get the medals for what ever reason. They can still be found on E-Bay and through some of th ere-enactors equipment sites. I have a cataolog around here somewhere that sells just about everykind and size of medal .
  13. Jiggersfromsphilly

    What Happened to Your Uniforms?

    Dogdaddy, If you check with your Congressional Office, you should be able to get replacements for them.Do you have any of his paperwork? If not the National Archive Record site has info and a form to downlosd so you can figure out what medals he would have been awarded.
  14. Jiggersfromsphilly

    What Happened to Your Uniforms?

    I can only speak from my fathers view. He came home with two duffle bags of stuff, for lack of a better word. He still had his class As and after 5 years 1940 to 1945 in the Army , he had collected a variety of gear. He still had his winterover coat . many khaki and od wollen shirts; his Ike jacket. He had his Combat jacket from the Bulge. The one he wore stuffed with newspapers to keep him warm in that long ago forgotten winter of 44-45. He brought home souvineres, pair of white leather Boots with red inserts and the eagle and swastika in them. He captured (Liberated) them from a town in Germany. Several bayonets, a Burgermeisters sword that and a large red flag with the swastika on it, that he and a buddie got when they had a town surrender to them in the midst of a hooch run. He also had a Luger with the paperwork from his commander.The luger was gotten rid of in the 50's when he got married. He didn't like the thought of a gun in the house with children. Over the years he wore the khaki shirts to work at the Atlantic refining company in South Philadelphia. The woolen ods were worn while working on the house or car in the winter. The slowly but surely, they wore out and were used for rags until he died. The moths got ahold of his overcoat and that was thrown out and I wore his OD and Khaki ties in High school as a sign of rebellion . He passed away in 1968 and all that remains I have are 5 OD woolen shirts, his Ike jacket and his Combat jacket that has paint on it from every single thing he painted for 23 years. He also rejoined the service in 1950 and served in the Air Force with the 36 th fighter squadon. I don't think the AF was as liberal with the uniforms after the Korean war as the Army was after WW2all that is left is his aluminum footlocker that still looks good after 55 years.
  15. Jiggersfromsphilly

    Back on line

    May he rest in peace! My deepest condolences to the family. He will be missed and we are all better for having known him.
  16. Jiggersfromsphilly

    WWII Ship Passenger Lists

    http://troopships.pier90.org/ Try Thsi site. It doesn't list any sailings from Boston or new York on 4/3/45 or any arrivals on 4/11/45. Do you have the unit your father was assigned to? That would be helpful !
  17. Jiggersfromsphilly

    Target Stores

    I am ambivalent about the BIG stores. A corporation has no soul ! On the other hand you guys do and thats a shame that you were used and then abused. I feel that the Wal Mart story is an example of bad business.They call it freedom of competeiton when it is economic elimination of competition for the little guy. They wipe out competition and then they withdraw hours and benefits , while recording massive profits. The dicotomy of quarterly profit statement and business expenses on that level is rediculous. If the small businessman was alowed a the same tax credits and deductions, it might be different, but I have no mercy for the Wal Marts. Just a rant from a cranky independent business man!
  18. Jiggersfromsphilly

    Nazi sub surrenders off Cape May USA

    OHHHHHHHHH, The Humanity!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Jiggersfromsphilly

    Target Stores

    I just looked this up on Snopes .com and they are reliable. http://www.snopes.com/politics/business/target.asp I wonder if there has been a change in policy since last year? I don't remember seeing the kettle's there?
  20. Jiggersfromsphilly

    ID this uniform

    Definitely looks like WW1 Thew reverse chevron's and buttons are both from that era.
  21. Jiggersfromsphilly

    Nazi sub surrenders off Cape May USA

    And to think of the many times I have sat on the Beach at Cape May and never knew of the perfidity that was going on offfshore?
  22. Jiggersfromsphilly

    Ben Stein Speaks

    Marion, Have you ever gotten the story of Ben's father's service? I am sure all of us would love to read it! Jiggers MIA
  23. Jiggersfromsphilly

    Flags of our Fathers

    Al;l I can say is...DON"T LEAVE UNTIL THE CREDITS ARE OVER!!! It is a moving and powerful movie that should be seen by all who love our veterans! It is a stark story as to what happens at home and what happens in combat and how the worlds differ. Hats off to Clint for this great movie. And THANK YOU ALL WHO SERVED!
  24. Jiggersfromsphilly

    Famous Americans and the GI Bill

    Its a shame that theywatered down the bill a few years ago. So many prospered with waht those benefits brought. So many business's were founded by the men who came home from war and created something with the educations they recieved. How many who are so well off, are the beneficiaries of that legislation. It would be too liberal to recreate it today. So many would protest it as "TOO COSTLY" Damn Shame!
  25. Jiggersfromsphilly

    Condelences to Rocky and his family

    May she rest in eternal peace and happiness. My deepest condolences and sympathies to you and the entire family. We will pray for her. Sincerely! Jiggersfromsphilly