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  1. Jiggersfromsphilly

    Welcome Mr. Jimmy DoorKnobs

    Well I'm glad somebody is getting it .
  2. Jiggersfromsphilly

    Submitting your story to HBO

    Glad to hear it Marion.
  3. Jiggersfromsphilly

    Submitting your story to HBO

    You might want to check first, but I think HBO has pretty much shut this down . I hope I am wrong but the BOB site there is being phased out.
  4. Jiggersfromsphilly

    Hello all

    So far so Good, but you are on probation until Jimmy Door Knobs has a look !
  5. Jiggersfromsphilly

    Hello all

    Hey Cindy You have posted some great stuff. Now lets here about you. OK !
  6. Jiggersfromsphilly

    Hello all

    Hey ! Where did you find this place ? Welcome and I know you will find a home here. Now where's Dusty ? Whats he doing now ? I hope he avoids high places. Hugs Jiggersfromsphilly
  7. Jiggersfromsphilly

    photo of Normandy

    You can barely see the bluffs through the smoke and they had such a great distance to make it to the base of them, that its a miracle that any did. Truely a thought evoking picture. I have stood on the top of those bluffs and I can express nothing but astonishment for the victory there.
  8. Jiggersfromsphilly

    George Koskimaki 101st Airborne

    Marion, Is that Frank Drebin sitting to the left (Person on right) in the picture of Mark Bando ?
  9. Jiggersfromsphilly

    Dick Winter's petition - Please Read

    By the way , the Pennsylvania House of Represenatives has pass a resolution HR23 asking the Congress of the United States to award the Medal of Honor to the Major. It was passed back in January .
  10. Jiggersfromsphilly

    Dick Winter's petition - Please Read

    I think the one thing the Major would say to anyone is "Abide by your own feelings" He wouldn't want you to feel pressured by anyone. Especially on his own behalf.
  11. Jiggersfromsphilly

    New member Filip

    Yo FIWI ! I am always glad to see a familiar face on a site. Keep up the good work you do for all vets. By the way I am looking for anyone who might have some more in depth information on an action near the Our river on December 17 1944. My father was with the Battery C 229th field Artillery ,28th division. They and a anti aircraft battery dueled some panzers at the range of 150 yards. My father was in charge of the battery defense 50 caliber machine guns. I remember him saying that gun crews bore sighted the guns and didn't use fuzes. He didn't really say a lot more about it and would never go into detail . He was awarded the Bronze star for his efforts and the Combat command of the 112 th regiment was awardeed the Presidential unit citation in 1947 or so. I have read some of the story in Hugh Coles book, but it seems that it and the action at Hosuington are confused in some of the other books. Can you give mre anyone 's name who is well versed in theis action ? Thanks Jiggersfromsphilly