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  1. Jiggersfromsphilly

    April 101st Lunch

    Hope you guys have a great time and If you run into Masatsune Soto, tell him thanks for the apollogy.
  2. Jiggersfromsphilly

    No Nursin Home for ME

    They should put a cap on Advertising for the healthcare industry. This would bring down costs dramatically. Word of mouth has always traveled faster and more efficently than any Madison ave campaign. I like the idea of a pool though.
  3. Jiggersfromsphilly

    Berchtesgaden - The Eagles Nest

    I have been in the Map room underneath the Obersalzberg and It is not open to visitors without special pemission. The graffiti on the wall contains many signatures from the 3rd Inf Division.
  4. Today is Marions birthday! I would like to wish you the very best that life has to offer and again thank you for the magnificent job you have done. This is one of if not the finest web site out there,and you are one of the finest people I have the privledge of knowing. Hugs Jiggersfromsphilly
  5. Jiggersfromsphilly

    Taylor leaves for Iraq very soon

    Tell him that the tab is on me when he comes to Philly next year! And I do mean Nick's Roast Beef.
  6. Jiggersfromsphilly


    As long as you can drink beer Cindy. The Richland Pub is the supposed target , now if we can only get a certain Irishman out of South Philly for a weekend.
  7. Jiggersfromsphilly

    Taylor leaves for Iraq very soon

    May God bless him and watch over him and his Mother !
  8. I just wanted to note that yesterday was Don Burgett's 80th Birthday. May we all wish him the best and many more happy days ahead ! Thanks for sharing your life with us Don ! Jiggersfromsphilly
  9. Jiggersfromsphilly


    That is a possibility as we have friends in Richland and Grand Rapids MI. I would be traveling with two Troopers from South Philly so back OFF.
  10. Jiggersfromsphilly


    You never know when I will get back to Michigan !
  11. Jiggersfromsphilly


    I have a Vietnam era cover that is brown camo on the inside . It looks just like Sgt. Saunders.
  12. Jiggersfromsphilly


    Whats Up with the marine helmet cover on Sgt Saunders ?
  13. Jiggersfromsphilly

    M29 weasel/doodlebug

    Try D-Day Tanks on the Google bar. Also the Imperial War Museum at Bovinton has them on their website.
  14. Jiggersfromsphilly

    M29 weasel/doodlebug

    The M-29 Weasel was a almost jeep like in its size and it was amphibious. The crocodile was a full fleged tank I think Cromwells and Matilda's were the most common types.
  15. Jiggersfromsphilly

    Al Kincer's 86th Birthday Photo

    I hope you have 86 more years with us AL! Best wishes for the comming year and much luck and health to you. Hang Tough ! Jiggersromsphilly
  16. Jiggersfromsphilly

    The Great Escape

    I just wanted to note the aniversary of the Great Escape from Stalag Luft III today. May the 50 and all the Guests of the Luftwaffe who have gone before us, not be forgotten !
  17. Jiggersfromsphilly

    Renactment photo

    I live about 75 miles from there and If I remember correctly that weekend it was in the teens during the day and around 0 at night.
  18. Jiggersfromsphilly

    Renactment photo

    That sure looks like Ft Indiantown Gap alright. You can see the cold from a mile away. Just like Belgium in 44.
  19. Jiggersfromsphilly

    1940 SLANG

    And I thought it was you fathers admirement for the revealing over the knee gingham dresses that George wore on the campaign. How about Bee's Knees ? or 23 skidoo? There is a street in Philadelphia called Skidoo st. It is one block long and has no houses on it.
  20. Jiggersfromsphilly

    1940 SLANG

    How about OKEY DOKEY ?
  21. Jiggersfromsphilly

    1940 SLANG

    Scram ............ Leave in a hurry. Nickle rocket ........... All show and no substance Dope............. information or whats the story or Stupid as in he is a dope.
  22. Jiggersfromsphilly

    Rethinking the Iwo Jima Myth

    Just another KNOW it All who has the benefit of hindsight.
  23. Jiggersfromsphilly

    Engineres de la Guarde

    Steve , Good to see you over here ! I have been reading a great deal about the Napoleonic Era lately. Thanks for the site. Keep up the good work ! Jiggersfromsphilly
  24. Jiggersfromsphilly

    Saints and Soldiers

    GOOD JOB Cindy!
  25. Jiggersfromsphilly

    P-38 and B-17

    The USN F7F Tigercat . The torque was a problem for carrier based aircraft and thats one of the ways they worked to counterbalance it. I heard that the Yankee Airforce had a tragic fire. Was that from you guys? If not could you fill us in on the details ? The Pilot of that Craft didn't use his trim tab to help?