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  1. Jiggersfromsphilly

    Welcome Mr. Jimmy DoorKnobs

    On the behalf of the board and the interested, I would like to extend a laurel and hardy welcome to Mr Jimmy Doorknobs. He has been a presence on other boards and is highly recommended as a most worthwhile addition. OK kid now do your stuff !
  2. Jiggersfromsphilly


    AKA is the Navy acronym for Attack Cargo Ship. the kind that carries the troops and landing craft with heavy cargo nets for the disembarkment of troops in to the landing craft. AK is the acronym for General cargo ship, such as the USS Reluctant in the play and movie, Mr. Roberts.
  3. Jiggersfromsphilly


    Duck Season...................Sub Season,..............................Duck Season.............Sub Season............................!
  4. Jiggersfromsphilly

    RIP Admiral James Stockdale

    I would just like to mention th epassing of Admiral James Stockdale on Monday in California. May he rest in peace and my condolences to his family and friends.
  5. Jiggersfromsphilly

    28th Inf Div - MILFORD E MATTHEWS

    Dave Shaw of the Battle of the Bulge Association may be able to help.
  6. Jiggersfromsphilly

    "Gunner " Harry Kenton, USMC, a remarkable story

    Its a small world! Great story James! Give Harry our best and .......Semper FI!
  7. Jiggersfromsphilly

    Major Richard D. Winters

    Representative Curt Weldon® of PA 7th District at a press conference yesterday, announced that he will introduce a resolution in the House today, initiating legislation to award the Medal of Honor to Major Richard D. Winters. The Congressman spoke of how the Congress did not intend for any arbitrary limits to be imposed on an award for bravery and that he feels that it is time to overturn this injustice.
  8. Jiggersfromsphilly

    Newest Member

    Here we go with the liberal Blarney.............I mean Barney Frank style of rehtoric. I mean when Ann Coulter is your younger sister you know that dribble from a mile away. Alter boy Alter boy????? Your the one who keeps saying its not a sin! I am sure that Mr Knobs will be outraged at this indignation !!! Me thinks Jim means shots and Lobster, once again a faulty product of some Parochial education system. I am outraged and full of.................wheres that beer at?????????????
  9. Jiggersfromsphilly

    6 pt test

    Yeah and I keep making a wrong turn in Swindon and want to head to Hungerford instead !
  10. Jiggersfromsphilly

    Coming soon - Donald Straith - 506th PIR

    As long as they don't use your name in vain Marion!
  11. Jiggersfromsphilly

    101st May Luncheon

    Is this one of the shadow boxes the Frank DeAngelis has provided to members of the 101st ?
  12. Jiggersfromsphilly

    Babe Joins the 82nd

    I would just like to wish my friend Babe Heffron a very happy birthday today!
  13. Jiggersfromsphilly

    Fave WWII movies

    Do tell the story of how you are related to Lt Chard VC winner.
  14. Jiggersfromsphilly

    Fave WWII movies

    I could divide it into 2 catagories Realistic and willing suspension of disbelief. In no particular order The Caine Mutiny Tora Tora Tora Guadalcanal Diary A Walk in the Sun Battleground The Story of GI Joe Bataan They Were Expendable PT 109 Paratroop Battalion Objective Burma Task Force Merrills Mauraders A Bridge Too Far The Longest Day Destination Tokyo The Battle of Britan Cockleshell Heros Desert Rats Desert Fox Das Boot Twelve O'Clock High 666 Squadron The Dambusters To name a few.
  15. Jiggersfromsphilly

    George Koskimaki & Bob Bowen

    The loss of Mr Bowen was a sad note. The tour had debussed and the noontime bells were pealing when he collapsed. Mr Bowen did not have any family and he was with the people he loved and respected most. He will be missed but not forgotten. May you rest in eternal peace sir ! Sincerely Jiggersfromsphilly
  16. Jiggersfromsphilly


    Spread the word brother Lennon Spread the word !
  17. Jiggersfromsphilly

    60 years ago on this day

    I was there in Sept 2002 and the General Walker Hotel had been torn down to build a new "Resort Hotel". It appears that the state of Bavaria is cloking their desire to erase the history of the 3rd Reich with projects like this one. The let buildings of significant history deteriorate to the point where the only solution in their eyes is to demolish it.
  18. Jiggersfromsphilly


    Thanks Lennon and welcome to a great site!
  19. Jiggersfromsphilly

    Private Snafu

    I remember seeing a cartoon from Willy Willy Deuce that was called Private Snafu. He would always be getting himself in some sort of trouble with the Axis and showing what goofing off could do. Anybody remember him? I recall a German who blew smoke rings that were shaped like swastikas.
  20. Jiggersfromsphilly

    Marion & National Archive Records

    I sent away to St Louis for my fathers records of the Army(WW2) and his Air Force service (Korea)and it was free. Are the records you are talking about for his unit or his personal service?
  21. Jiggersfromsphilly

    Happy Birthday!

    Today is Wild Bill Guarnere's birthday. He is 82. Many Happy returns and another healthy 82 years Bill ! Yowser ! Jiggersfromsphilly
  22. Jiggersfromsphilly

    Ex. combat engineer

    I've seen some storys about Dear john letters to the troops with the response being to send a bunch of pictures to the ex or soon to be ex, and asking her to pick her picture out and send the rest back. This is one that has been around since invention of the camera and was the topic of an episode of MASH in the 1970's with Dan Blocker's son as the Dear John. Everthing Old is New again, is right !
  23. Jiggersfromsphilly

    101st Airborne April Lunch

    Ho were those Pok Chops ? I hope all had a good time !
  24. Jiggersfromsphilly

    April 101st Lunch

    If I may Marion, I suggest we call it De Soto Inccident.
  25. Jiggersfromsphilly

    Willie and Joe

    Mr Malden was an astute observer of life durring and after the war. May he rest in peace.