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  1. Jiggersfromsphilly

    New 101st site?

    If I wasn't a married man , I say that sounded like an invitation?????
  2. Jiggersfromsphilly

    Serving in Both Theatres in WWII

    I know a man from Michigan by the name of Larry Gary. Who drove DUWKs across the Rhine and then wound up in the Phillipines in July 1945. He has both the ETO and PTO service medals! Once they were done in Germany they moved to Marseilles and were shipped out on transports thru the Suez Cannal and Red Sea to the Phillipines .
  3. Jiggersfromsphilly

    New 101st site?

    But we know that YOU wouldn't do that. NEVER!!! That is why so many people are interested in this site. It is open for everyone. Until you ask Marion an embarrasing question!!!!!!
  4. Jiggersfromsphilly

    New 101st site?

    I hope that Art will weigh in with his experience? They claim that they are going to preserve and teach about Easy Company. WHAT OTHER COMPANY has has a HALF A DOZEN books and a 12 HOUR MINI SERIES MADE ABOUT THEM! ART asked "How many other companies in the 101st? A reasonable question , by all means. But the arrogance and greed that drives this new creation , could not tollerate the supposed aspersion it cast.
  5. Jiggersfromsphilly

    New 101st site?

    You are right Frank, It is an attractive site, but none the less it is a duplication of many other's hard work efforts to honor the men. They have posted pictures taken by some family members and friends that give the impression that they have the blessing of all members of Easy. None could be farther from the truth. There are pictures of Bill and Babe on their tour with WW2 Tours from 2004. It gives the impression that the new site ran the trip. Again misinformation. Most people won't check the sources, they will just look and assume. Not a very trustworthy group behind this.
  6. Jiggersfromsphilly

    New 101st site?

    The folks running it have already pissed off the people they should be trying to reach. It doesn't seem like their goals and purposes have honor, if they show no respect for the people who would support them. John Wannamaker said it best over a hundred years ago. "The customer is always right!" W.C. Fields "Never give a sucker and even break" I think they operate under the second quotation! Hang Tough!
  7. Jiggersfromsphilly

    New 101st site?

    I see that Papa Art has asked a reasonable question. I wonder if they will answer it?
  8. Jiggersfromsphilly

    New 101st site?

    I won't even begin! Let the buyer beware!
  9. Jiggersfromsphilly

    My articles & book(s)

    Well I'm glad you got a kick out of my post. We will give it a try this fall of course!
  10. Jiggersfromsphilly

    My articles & book(s)

    I was pleasantly pleased to recieve the September issue and inside was a very nice piece by some Marion Chard???? Who ever that is. She seemed very informed about the540th Combat Engineer Regiment. All kidding aside , Marion did a very good job of putting the story of these great men into the public's consciousness. Hats off to you kid!!! I hope the book is not far behind! Jiggersfromsphilly Missing in action since the last computer emltdown and replacement!
  11. Jiggersfromsphilly


    There a re some items up for sale on E-Bay that have been determined to be fraudulent. They were offered last month and after numerous complaints , removed by E-Bay. Ther have been listed again . You can find a detailed description of this fraud on Mark Bando's website TriggerTime. Plese take the time to report them. The numbers are #6602385613 and #6602385613 Our friends at Triggertime have verified that these are fake. I looked at them and I concur. Plese take the time to report them to E-Bay. Maybe Marion you could have a topic listing about this? Its a shame that some unknowing soul would be cheated when they think they are purchasing something that represents the people they honor! Sincerely Jiggersfromsphilly
  12. Jiggersfromsphilly

    My articles & book(s)

    I better call Chris Anderson and have him take a second look at this Idea ! There will be no living with Marion Now! Congrats and best wishes! "The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step." You are on your way now and it won't be long befor ethat book will be on the nigtstands of all of us! hang Toug and way to go Marion! Sincerely Jiggersfromsphilly
  13. Jiggersfromsphilly

    Protesters AGAINST soldiers

    Is this the work of the Religious Right Movement?
  14. Jiggersfromsphilly


    Thanks Marion ! Iwill use this in the future. The Items were withdrawn by the seller earlier today. In several rather rude and terse E-Mails he said he was pulling them off because he didn't want to hurt anybody. Well then why did he post them twice under different names in less than 3 weeks? Anyway I would not propose any chastisement unless I was absolutely sure that they were no real. The selling of Easy memorabilia has made many of the companies men bitter. Theygive freely of their signatures and don't like they way they are being hawked later on. Again I would not bring anysort of fraud like this the the site unless I had complete doubts and verified them with other authorities in the 101st community. Thank You again for all your support. Sincerely ! Jiggersfromsphilly
  15. Jiggersfromsphilly

    From the Dick Winters site

    Ah and I see it has the most important sign of a good purveyor ......LIGHT BEER !
  16. Jiggersfromsphilly

    From the Dick Winters site

    Major Winters has been in poor health for some time yet he felt he should answer as many requests as possible. The shear volumn had become overwhelming and the family was spending too much of his remaining time on it and the time has come to let him live in the peace and quiet he sought at the end of the war.
  17. Jiggersfromsphilly

    Million Vets March

    I found this and it made me puase and think, what is it gonna take to get better care for the men who stand in defense of us? http://www.millionvetmarch2006.com/ think.http://millionvetmarch2006.com/Quickstart/ImageLib/Freedom_Poster.PNG Let us know what you think.
  18. Jiggersfromsphilly

    How Newbie can you be?

    Come Back OberGrumpenFuhrer, Come Back !
  19. Jiggersfromsphilly


    For my Birthday, I recieved the BBC's history of WW2. It contains 12 disks that were all broadcast on the BBC. One of the disks is Nazi's ,A Warning from the Past. I recommend it highly!
  20. Jiggersfromsphilly

    Army at Dawn - recommended book

    Rik Atkinson is the military corespondent for the Washington Post. He has written several other books and this one (An Army at Dawn) is the first of a trilogy on Willy Willt Deuce. It is a wonderful book and his prose is outstanding. I enjoyed it very much.
  21. Jiggersfromsphilly

    My articles & book(s)

    You go Girlfriend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. Jiggersfromsphilly

    Meeting Mr Burgett

    If you look closely on the side of the tank away from Don, you can find the autographs of Babe Heffron and Wild Bill Guarnere.
  23. Jiggersfromsphilly

    Combat Engineers & Hurricane Katrina

    God bless them! May they be safe in their work!
  24. Jiggersfromsphilly

    Newest Member

    Let me be the first to welcome MR Strikehold. He has several failings and is well known as a slacker in his home town. He will be held accountable for his drunken rants here. OH by the way he runs a pretty fair sight callee Strikehold504. You might want to check it out..................if you don't have to do your taxes or go to the dentist !
  25. Jiggersfromsphilly

    Dachau and the 45th

    I have spoken with 2 members of the 101st who liberated Landsberg and they were as sickend the same way you were, also they found it extremely hard to control their emotions and by the grace God, the desire to take revenge on the Germans for the hell that was a KZ.