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  1. danny@NL

    New here!

    welkom bij de club. welcome to the group. have fun and hope that you can find were you looking for. regards danny
  2. danny@NL

    138th ENGR Combat Battalion

    Thanks for this info so if I read it correct the 138th engr was a subdivision of the 9th army. so i wil start to search from tere. Regards Danny
  3. danny@NL


    Here is a Pic of the grave of the soldier who I have adopted. Regards Danny hope that the Pic is in the Message.
  4. danny@NL

    138th ENGR Combat Battalion

    Hello Walt daughter thanks for the info but the E-mail address are not active And this info 138th Engineer Combat Battalion Mr. Randall Bender (970) 330-2515 And I have now idée how to get in contact with this person. Regards Danny and thanks for your help.
  5. danny@NL

    138th ENGR Combat Battalion

    Hello I am looking for information of the 138th ENGR Combat Battalion. Hope someone can help. I have adopted a grave from soldiers who belongs to this battalion. But I don’t find something what’s brings me some news/info about this battalion. regards Danny Janssen
  6. danny@NL


    Thanks for the info already verow. this info i already have only the box numer and film reel number are new for me but i dond know what that means. hope that some knows what this means and yes i wil send a letter to the adress you provided. BTW great site if anyone needs info about the Margraten cemetery let me know i work 30min away and i have contact persons over there. around 8000soldiers are here and they are vissit every day by a lot of persons. its is in the middel of the hills at a realy studding place BTW sorry for the bad english regards danny
  7. danny@NL


    Hello my name is Danny I living in the Netherlands I'm 33years "young" I'm working for the US Army in the Netherlands as local National. Before this if was a soldier for 13 years in the Dutch army. I have adopted a Grave at Margraten cemetery a coupel years back This is the info I have, JACK B HUNTER TEC 5 138th ENGR COMBAT BN Service number: 34875432 Born: 11 Oct 1925 Died: 20 Aug 1945 Enlisted in CP Shelby Mississippi On 26 Oct 1943 But I don't find something from the 138th ENGR Combat Battalion Or from this person I would love to get in contact with family but he was not married and did not had kids so I think that’s difficult but who knows any help I very welcome to find something about the 138th ENGR or about Jack B Hunter. Thanks and Regards Danny Janssen