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  1. pdhinkle

    159th combat Engrs

    THe 159th trained at Camp Rucker. moved into europe by way of north Ireland. Got into action just after 6 june D-day 44 Supported units like the 4th ID around to the west to Brest then Eat ward across Frnace into Belgium was in the Bulge on the south flank protecting Luxembourg city. My brother Ken made it till 19 Dec. 44 when he was WIA. He is one of 3 other brothers. All 4 were in WW II and came home.
  2. pdhinkle

    English-french dictionary

    OPeration Dragoon D+2 nead Frejus Fr. L-141 was shunted off to flush out some germans in the Frejus area. we halted for more orders, when a little girl came up to see the American Gis. A buddy got oout his phrase book to axk for eggs! It had the singular euf for one egg. The french don,t use that miuch. He tries it any way. The proper way is to aks for eggs sounds llike( Le zoo) We did not know it at that time. so he gives euf- no response so he euf eufs ! She shakes her head and goes home and cmoes back with a pup ! The buddy says NO euf euf ! She says as she ppoints to the pup euf euf and shakes her head yes. He could not refuse her offer. How ever, when he saw she would miss her pup he gave it back before we left.
  3. I would like to say I made it back. I had fluid on my Rt. lung which they placed a drain tube. after 25 days it was almost dry. They removed the drain and sent me home. THe incision is still draining 12 days later. When the drainage stops the incision is supposed to heal. Rehab went better, I am walking on my own. Around the house.Hope I am one of the lucky ones. Paul Hinkle
  4. pdhinkle

    Back on line

    Forum friends: Thank you all for your kind words. Paul HInkle
  5. pdhinkle

    Sicily 1943 7th Army Engrs.

    I have read the story about a bridge needed where the Germans blasted the road away from a hill side. This was on the drive acroos the north shore of Sicily. On a shear rock face they carved out post holes and built a wood timber bridge in less than 2 days. This allowed the US Arny to advance where the Germans did not expect it too. The History Channel showed an old WW2 movie about the invasion of sicily that included scenes of the work on the bridge. I wondered if the unit was ever awared a unit citation? .
  6. pdhinkle

    Ration Stamps

    Post WW2 ration items. A dress white shirt: I arrived home in Feb. 46 Things were back to normal! What wvwe Normal is. There were plenty of casual clothes and shoes. NO dress suits OR white shirts. I checked the local clothing stores where I always bought my clothing. Nothing for several months, the shelves were empty. One day as I walked in a man walked out witha white shirt. Oh they got some in? When I looked there was the same empty sheleves. Asking the customer later he said they have them in the back store room. Next time I lined up with the back room door and asked ab out shirts, sorry no in srock. So I pointed thru the door way and asked how about them. Oh they were ordered for friends. So I replieed NO point in trying to buy in this store. I am NOT a friend. Good bye he then followed me out the door trying to tell me I had it wrong.
  7. pdhinkle

    Just reread my dads WW 1 diary

    I,d love to hear some of what your dad wrote about WW2 Here is a tip. Use a black or dark colored backer to get more contrast in your copy machine. Jusrt place it behind the page you copy. It will also blank out writing on the back of the page you copy. Good luck.
  8. pdhinkle

    D day dodgers

    http://www.warlinks.com/jackcull/ddodgers.htm Just read the words
  9. pdhinkle

    D day dodgers

    http://froogle.google.com/froogle?q=D-Day+...roogle&ct=title click here
  10. pdhinkle


    Art: You are one lucky man. I understand every word you wrote
  11. pdhinkle

    Last days of Hitler

    Oliver North War stories on Fox news will have a show " THe last days of Hitler" On sunday May 7th ( VE day) 0800 PM EDT check it out http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,155387,00.html MOre on this subject http://www.guardian.co.uk/secondworldwar/s...1474601,00.html after you open this article besure to click article continues
  12. pdhinkle

    Past Wars

    During a treaty meeting beteween Indian and US ARmy this occurred http://glenavalon.com/fightnomore.html
  13. pdhinkle

    Memorial DAy USA

    Have a look at this http://www.stripesonline.com/ when url opens fo down tthe left side and click on WW2 then click on photo galleries 1-5 Marion's note: Paul great page! Here's the direct link right to the page you refer to. Lots of GOOD stuff. Should keep us busy for hours. http://www.stripesonline.com/webpages.asp?...=64&nl=2&par=49
  14. pdhinkle

    Last days of Hitler

    Book: THe death of Hitler Ada Petrova Peter Watson the russian account of the death of Hitler. Part II has an interesting subject: A Russian spy in Hitlers bunker. code name Shasa Kvap. only those who read this book has posted a searchable find for this spy. Using the full name or code name finds NOTHING in search !
  15. pdhinkle

    Willie and Joe

    OPeration Dragoon: Between 15 Aug. and 15 Sep 44 7th Army did a fast run up the Rhone valley. Using every thing available(captuered vehisles).It looked like a Gypsy caravan for some units. I had the honor of riding the front fender of a 6x6 for several days. I learned from that experience that the driver had an angle iiron manifold heater just right for c-ration cans. with room for about 6 cans on the heater. He used 2 cans one inverted and pushed togerher to heat HIS water for instannt coffee. YOu had to plan ahead for the next meal stop but it worked. NOw multiply joe and willie by a truck load of GIs. and Imagine a chow stop.
  16. pdhinkle

    Military records

    Since the 1973 records center fire there is now an alternate source at http://www.ibiblio.org/cizewski/cert/cert.html check it out UPDATE: That will lead you ro this url http://www.archives.gov/st-louis/military-...rd-sources.html
  17. ON PBS this weekend look for this article http://www.tmnews.com/articles/2005/10/16/...news/news48.txt
  18. pdhinkle

    Expert Infantry Badge

    Some one asked about the EIB and I could not find the posting so here is some info http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Expert_Infantryman_Badge check it out ON the CIB inside the wreath would be a star for the 2nd war the GI was awarded another CIB A WW2 vet who served in the comabt infantry in Korea would have a CIB with a star. If he went to Vietman after 2 wars He, have 2 stars. I have seen a few. The CIB I earned ion WW2 was enough for me. I wore it without anyh ribbons like many other GIs. I got the medals for the ribbons 50 years later. I wear my CIB on my dress blazer
  19. pdhinkle

    Actors who served in WWI & WWII

    Good source for finding actors in WW2 http://www.jodavidsmeyer.com/combat/milita...rs_in_wwii.html
  20. pdhinkle

    Mel Brooks - Combat Engineer?

    Sorry I did not ask Mel BUT I found this http://www.nndb.com/people/542/000022476/ Cehck it out Der Googler
  21. pdhinkle

    Memoribilia and Collectibles

    US Army Maps was/is the job of th corps of Engrs. So when you need maps go to the source. Jim: The sleeve rank is Navy LT 2 gold stripes and the star should mean supply type. double breasted Blazer was normal wear in Pre- WW2 Navy. DRess uniform.
  22. pdhinkle


    Steve: Your CIB without the wreath is an EIB Expert Inf. Badge. When they were issiued the GI could wear them Both. That did n ot last long. THe EIB required more to earn it. Every Infantry man who servred in Combat goot the CIB AND eerned it thr hard way.
  23. pdhinkle

    Anzio Annie?

    The BIG German guns were hard to find when they first went into action because they would roll them in and out of a RR tunnel ! With a range of 38 miles they could hit anything on the front line. Traversing them was THE problem. 2 degrees horizontall movement is the stats on them. SO they used a curve in the RR tracks to aim them lft and righrt. Have a look http://www.diggerhistory.info/pages-weapon...anzio_annie.htm IN S. France I watched a dud spin end over end after it hit at to low an angle, It reminded me of a kitchen stove range boiler. 12"x60" flippinmg thru the sky. It is probably still there. UXB !
  24. pdhinkle

    The Forgotten Soldier

    Brooke: I read this book a few years ago. About an alsacen drafted into the German Army in WW2 Lasr name sajer. THe details are great some dispute his doing all that stuff! THe link will take you to another forum where they talk about this book/ author: http://www.feldgrau.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=6928
  25. I visiited the Hamm cemtery on a cold day in march 1973 and saw the grave of Patton. Had the same feeling as Lennon. NOTE: Patton was not a combat casualty! So they needed special permisson to bury him there. While at Hamm we visited the German cemetery. There the bodies were not buried in incividual graves, mounds of 1000s in one grave. The darks grey crosses were more chilling, 1000s of unknown! Bless them all.