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    Helotes, Texas
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    Family...6 Grand Daughters..48th Combat Engineers WW11..This WEB Site..Golf..Writing of WW11 Experiences..Enjoying Marion. Retired Lt/Col. Corps Of Engineers...

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  1. I miss my buddy every day. I wish he was still here. Happy Birthday in heaven dear friend.

  2. alkincer

    New Member! 19th Eng. Reg. Combat

    Great entry Jace...I might have rubbed shoulders with Ernest Warner on a cold January Night in 1944 when a platoon of the 19th replaced my platoon for the bridge crossing across the Rapido River. At that time I was a platoon commander in Co. B 48thy Engrs ©. If he was there WE know he made it thru the night. Read my account in Memories "Alfred KIncer" In our great web site. Write me. AL aged 88 You had better not delay. Marion's note: I removed Al's email address. Jace has it now. The reason I do this is because robots scan ALL the sites for email addresses, and then you start getting hundreds of SPAMMERS invading your inbox. Not a pretty site!
  3. alkincer

    My Trip to the States

    Welcome to The U.S.A. WE hope you enjoy every minute of your trip. AL Kincer
  4. alkincer

    Michael Klemick - Ranger

    "And That's The Way It Was, June 6, 1945" THANKS AL Kincer
  5. alkincer

    Great weapons site

    I had one & only one Jeep from Naples To north of Rome (9 months) back to Naples &Southern France to end of war ( 15 more months) Name was "BETTY" never a breakdown. Used lots of gas for a small vehicle. 7 purple hearts, none serious. One "save" by the wire cutter. Vertical 1 1/2 inch channel iron welded to front bumper. (they would be of little use on the back bumper) Greatest vehicle of WW11, bar none.
  6. alkincer

    chess paling?

    O.K. I'll complete the picture. I started to answer the other day but have been diverted. Yes she is some what right. WE used the process a lot especially in Italy where the roads were so bad or non-existant. WE would cut small saplings about 8-10 feet long and wire them together with three strands of very heavy wire. A strand on each end & one in the middle. A roll would cover about 10 feet in length. It was made away from the site & carried, usually at night, to the road to be repaired or built. When the rolls were laid out gravel & a binder was dumped on top. The Roll kept the rock & gravel from sinking into the mire. It was in effect a "Floating Roadway. WE could transport several rolls on a deuce and a half. We called it "corduroy" We cut the saplings with two man gasoline chain saws. AL
  7. alkincer

    Dachau Liberated

    One last fact...I gave Lt Haley orders to report to G-3 45th Division. BUT why after 55 years did the CG 42 Div. remember the third platoon Co B 48 Engineers specifically? AL
  8. alkincer

    Hello from the son of a 6th corp MP

    Lordy. Lordy, Your Dad Must have been in the same area as the 48th Engineers in Italy and Maybe on the same ship for the invasion of South France. WE landed with the 36th Div. I fed several MP units as WE moved up thru France. Welcome aboard. AL Kincer
  9. alkincer

    Looking for proofreaders for book

    Mr. GSD...I was reluctent to answer because I was in the 7th Army in Europe. My writings are included in this site. I Commanded an Engineer Combat Company. I would be happy to help if I can. Send what you want, if I help you I will be happy. Alfred Kincer. *** email removed for privacy (please use the PM feature) BC
  10. alkincer

    Where did they keep uniforms and medals??

    In 1943 there were no gas mask thrown away, it was only late in the war, June 1944, that we finally decided that they were passe. AL
  11. alkincer

    Where did they keep uniforms and medals??

    Most of the G.I's extra equipment was stored in his "B" bag. Our "B" bags were kept in The Barracks Bag trailer. one per platoon. I never saw a soldier that did not have his medal with him until he could send it home if he wanted to. All medals I saw awarded were given immediately to the soldier. I was fortunate to always have a jeep assigned to me so I had no probmem holding on to my possesions. The Infantry G.I. had no way to carry much but his mess kit, gas mask & his piece. Many CIB's were brought home as souveniors. Transportation of personal effects was a unit responsibility. There were many large souveniors brought home, some how the soldiers hung on to them. There are many memories of how these things happened & most of them after 60 years are a little pixilated! AL
  12. alkincer

    Hello, from John Taylor's proud daughter

    Welcome to The Engineer Family. Would like to read some of your Fathers storieas. AL Kincer "WE The 48th"
  13. alkincer

    Stevin's new babies

    They look great...I remember my first, he was really big, had big eyes, big feet big arms and balls he just balled all the time. Congrats. AL
  14. alkincer

    Papa Art in hospital

    Hang tite Papa Art...Get well quick. AL Kincer
  15. Rooting for Your book to be published, Now all i gotta do is learn to reed. AL