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  1. Randy, Great job! I'm pretty sure that's my uncle Dean Belmonte, first row, 15th from the left! Pete
  2. Martha, If you're referring to the label of the map that says "292 Engineer ("C") Battalion," that's the official designation, 292nd Engineer Combat Battalion. It doesn't stand for Company C in that case. As far as I know, all the companies were involved in the same campaigns and battles, although they did have differing duties during, for example, the Roer River crossings. They were all there, rotating duties. Hope this helps, Pete Belmonte
  3. Gary, I suspect that the "GO 2 HQs 292 Eng Combat BN 45" indicates that his Good Conduct Medal was awarded via General Orders #2, Headquarters, 292nd ECB. Pretty sure that's the case anyway! Also, reference your list above, I am actually Dean Belmonte's nephew, not his son. Thanks for the list! Pete
  4. Gary, you're welcome, I'm glad the package arrived safely. And thank YOU for scanning all that! Pete
  5. Gary, Those Longacre photos are the ones I was thinking of. The 1149th Ops Reports tell us what each company was assigned to each day during the Roer Crossings, which bridge or road or whatever. Interesting reading. Pete
  6. I wonder if we can gather all the on-line photos of the 292nd, plus the personal photos of family members, and include them with the documents. Make a sort of unofficial history of the 292nd. Just a thought at this stage... Pete
  7. Thanks Gary! Here's my uncle, Dean Belmonte, later in Co. C, 292nd ECB. This photo is at Fort Sheridan, February 1944. He is in the very front row of crouching men, third from the left. Pete
  8. Gary, This stuff will be a good foundation to the history of the 1149th and especially the 292nd. It will be worth it, I'm so glad you're willing to undertake this. By the way, how can I attach a photo to my post? I have a couple of my uncle that might be of interest to our 292nd brethren. Pete
  9. Randy and Gary, I've got the 1149th Ops Reports and an official history of the 292nd from creation until they "entered the war for Germany." Also, so papers related to a reunion of the battalion in about 2002. I was on their mailing list for a while, don't know what ever became of the group. There is quite a lot of paper, so I hope Gary doesn't mind scanning... Pete
  10. Thanks Gary, I'll get these in the mail sometime early next week (I hope...). A lot of it consists of operations reports for the 1149th Engineer Combat Group, detailing the duties of each of the units. Interesting stuff relating to the combat period in February. Pete (I also sent this message to you via private messenger.)
  11. Gary and Randy, I have a stack of National Archives documents relating to the 292nd -- daily reports for the time of the Roer River crossing. I'd like to send them to you, Gary, for scanning. It's quite a stack. I don't know what Randy is sending to you, maybe it's the same stuff? Is there a way for you to relay your mailing address Gary? Pete
  12. I have the original of that book, well worth it. Pete
  13. Welcome aboard Tony's Boy, I'm sure we 292nd guys are all looking forward to whatever photos you can post! Pete
  14. Randy, Thanks! Yep, that's him. He ended the war as a corporal, so this must be late 1944 / early 1945? Or who knows??? I don't even know what a Marching Party is. The list is classified as Secret, so it must be something during their stay in Europe. Pete