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    Honoring the 291st

    My name is Stephen Keith. I live in Pembroke, NH. I collect US Historic Military Vehicles (HMVs) from WW2. I have been fascinated by the heroic work done by these men in WW2. A number of years I had a phone conversation with Col Pergrin. Because I have quite a 'few' of these HMVs, I had the need to label the front bumpers with a unit and other information. In honor of the actions of the 291st, I have labeled all that could have used by the 291st as belonging to the 291st. In my conversation with Col Pergrin, I told him that I had done this and thanked him and all under his command. I sent him a picture of some of my HMVs so labeled. He was quite happy that I am doing this and as I add to my collection, I will continue to label them as 291st. I cannot think of any other outfit that I would be more proud to represent!
  2. dr deuce

    Honoring the 291st

    Will do Steve
  3. dr deuce

    Honoring the 291st

    George R. Moore PFC, USA, Co A, 1252nd Combat Engineer Bn., 3rdArmy Jeep Driver, Built Bridges, Foxhole Duty Battle of the Bulge Appearing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at the Mid Atlantic Air Museum (MAAM.ORG) GIANT airshow in Reading PA June 7 - 8 - 9, 2019 I am going and hope to meet him!
  4. dr deuce

    another new member

    My name is Stephen Keith. I live in Pembroke, NH USA. I am an amateur WW2 historian and re-enactor. I also have an extensive collection of WW2 Historic Military Vehicles (HMVs) and other items. A few years ago, I saw the History Channel episodes on the 291st. In honor what they did,I stenciled all my HMVs that could have been in the 291st, as being in that great unit. I also spoke with Col Pergin and sent him a picture of my 'fleet' with his unit markings on them. You can see some of my HMVs at: http://ww2movievehicles.com Thanks Steve
  5. Here are pictures from a WW2 LHD my friends and I did back in 2006 http://cckw.org/ww2_living_history_display.htm The searchlight works and is good for 17 miles!
  6. dr deuce

    WW2 Living History Display in 2006

    Here is 2007 http://cckw.org/ww2_living_history_display_2007.htm
  7. dr deuce

    New Member

    I have had the "deuce" (the main one, I have 9) for 28 years and have driven it myself over 50,000 ,iles since I bought it. The Jeep was just in a movie (maybe if they didn't cut it out) called "Ashecliffe") based upon the book Shutter Island. I have a crane deuce on the road but not in the picture on the website. I have been looking for some Bailey Bridge sections for display purposes though I don't take it out too often as it is difficult to drive with the boom 12 feet out in front of you. You have to be careful you don't hook a tree or telephone on a lefthand turn.... The next "deuce" that I will be restoring is an Engineers Compressor truck. This has a big LeRoi air compressor on the whole back of the truck. I have most of the tools that go with it and the compressor runs great. The tools include: a 2ft 2-man chain saw, a 12 inch circulat saw, 2 different jackhammers and a V4 cylinder (air) wood drill. I have all but the big jackhammer and all the tools work except the wood drill. I hang around with a small bunch of guys and we do WW2 Living History Displays etc. We may eventually get into reinacting.
  8. dr deuce

    New Member

    I guess I am a little different. My name is Stephen Keith and I am a WW2 historian and Historic Military Vehicle (HMV) Collector. I have an interest in the exploits of the Combat Engineers from WW2 and have labeled all my HMV that could have belonged to an Engineering unit as belonging to the 291st Combat Engineer of Col Pergrin in honor of what they did at Remargin Bridge and the Battle of the Bulge. You can see some of my currently restored 'fleet' at my website: http://home.comcast.net/~cckw/wsb/html/vie...eID-859870.html I hope to learn more about the Engineers in WW2 from this site. I have already learned more about the fire fighting units in my 1st fifteen minutes here! Stephen Keith AKA Dr Deuce Pembroke NH