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  1. Good post frank, and yes i can see it :-) Marion, thanks for the explenation of the ponton bridges. Best regards Ronald
  2. Ronald

    All the Way to Berlin - James Megellas

    Megalles is a very nice man and his book is very good.
  3. Ronald

    A Little Ardennes Tour

    Very nice pictures Frank Ronald
  4. Ronald

    82nd Airborne - revamped site

    Hello Marion, Here we go. The picture below is from Concentration Camp Wöbbelin near th city of Ludwigslust and was a sub camp of the Neuengamme concentration camp. The SS had evacuated from other camps to prevent their liberation from the allies. At ist height, Wobbelin held some 5.000 inmates, many of whom were suffering fom starvation and desease. On may 2, 1945, the 8th infantry Division and the 82nd Airborne Division encountered Wobbelin. Living conditions in the camp they arrived were deplorable. There was little water or food and some prisoners had resorted to cannibalism. When the units arrived they found about a 1000 inmates dead in the camp. In the aftermath the US Army ordered the townspeople in Ludwigslust to visit th camp and bury the dead. Megalles and his men where the first to enter. Best regards Ronald
  5. Ronald

    New Dutch Member

    Welcome Peter, im glad you managed to get in after all. Ronald
  6. Its my pleasure Marion!! Best regards Ron
  7. Ronald

    Somme American Cemetery And Memorial

    Thanks Vee, This is very intresting. I did not know about the Somme cemetery till now. Thanks for sharing Ron
  8. Ronald

    WWII Paraphernalia

    Nice stuff you have there! Ron
  9. Ronald

    New Member from The Netherlands

    Thank you also Moose. Ronald
  10. Ronald

    New Member from The Netherlands

    Thank You Marion, Its a pleasure being here. I saw the Airborne vernacular, but i have to say that i'm grateful to all those men and women that were willing to gave their lives for our freedom. It doenst mather what division they were in, i will honor all the veterans. I saw some fimiliar names like Frank Gubbels, Walts Daughter, Moose and some other, ow dont forget that Belgium guy named Reg. Currahee and to stay in style Essayons!! Best regards Ronald
  11. Ronald

    New Member from The Netherlands

    Thanks Coll Bill, i will sure have great time here. Best regards Ronald
  12. Ronald

    Burgett finds piece of the past

    Nice article. How is it possible that after 64 years they found it back. Ron
  13. Great Pictures Moose, On the right pic he looks a bit like Audie Murphy, the most decorated soldier of WWII. Best regards Ronald
  14. Ronald

    New Member from The Netherlands

    Thank you guys for your warm welcome! Ron
  15. Nice pics and good information Juerg I was at those place several times and again and again its a special feeling being there. Ron