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  1. kpakt

    36th Combat Engineer info

    Hi , Thanks so much for the information I really appreciate it . I was hopeing to maybe talk to someone who might have known my granfather and could tell me personal stories they might have about him. I know that there are very few soldiers left from WW11, but maybe someone knew him from Korea...........Kelli ( William Howard Van Brunts grand daughter)
  2. Hi all, My name is Kelli ,I did not know my grandfather he died before I was born. I have a book that my grandfather wrote in . While serving in the war. I also have pictures I do not know if any of you are interested. He was part of the 36th engineer , he was born I Arkansas .When he was in WW11 he was married to my grandmother Gene. I hope this enough information to jog some of your memories. I have been doing research on my family history and I would love any information................Kelli