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  1. Virginia did you get that photo? My dad was in 344th Acompany then was switched to C company 35th. Please write, Janet

  2. yosemiterocks

    344th Engineers General Service

    I wonder if it's the same place, Marion? My grandpa was from Michigan! Wow could be?
  3. yosemiterocks

    344th Engineers General Service

    This is a photo of my grandpa, Pfc. Claude Bernard Andresen. I don't know where it was taken, unfortunately. I am not sure about the time or location of this photo. My grandpa is almost in the center; looking at the man holding the sign that reads "1024" he is behind him to the left.
  4. yosemiterocks

    344th Engineers General Service

    Thank you SO much Marion for your help! Today has been very productive already and I've got more information about my grandpa's regiment than I've had before. My mom is thrilled and is looking forward to more things I hope to uncover about her dad. Take care, Virginia
  5. yosemiterocks

    344th Engineers General Service

    Hello! I'm new to this forum and quite new to the search for information regarding my beloved grandpa (I called him Bumpa) - Pfc. Claude Bernard Andresen. I recently came across information found after doing alot of digging, that he served with the 344th Engineers in Italy. I have *some* photos, one of them a photo of his camp in Rocco Mafina, where he says he first joined up with his outfit. I am working on getting the photos I have scanned so I can share and hope someone has some info or tidbits to share. Unfortunately my grandpa passed away in 1973, when I was 3 years old, so his stories are lost. Anyone who has info to pass along, photos, memories, history or anything at all, it is enormously appreciated. I have already learned so much from this forum - it has to be the best I have seen. Best wishes to all, Virginia