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  1. Cape Cod Military Museum

    Lots of good stuff, M1!!
  2. I saw this. I grew up on Beetle. .
  3. If there is a rugged man alive, it's him!! Stay healthy!
  4. WWII Museum Center for Collections & Archives

    I'd love to have a week of uninterrupted time in there! The Museum is interesting enough, but all of that would be awesome! https://get.google.com/albumarchive/104745627018165888181/album/AF1QipNAy4vtSp3PP5dd9DDvBAKXMhzZ5uzN7KGehJDl
  5. Interesting story. You hear a lot of people talking about finding war time relics after a relative dies, but to find a box of things that aren't even your relative's would be very odd.
  6. Very cool! Thanks for posting an update and stick around!
  7. Rest in peace, sir!!!
  8. How did this become the Merry Christmas posting area? That's OK, I'm easy! Merry Christmas (it's currently the 6th day of the Octave of Christmas so it's still the Christmas season!) Also, Have a great and prosperous New Year!!
  9. Rest well, sir! Thank you for your service.
  10. Yep, that's me in the back right. Since the majority of my photos from that trip were digital, I changed the file name for all of the pictures (several hundred!) with either the place or name of the individual/s therein. I made sure to do this within a few months of returning so I would not forget names. I also have a headshot of each of the Marines in my platoon with their name tape showing. I knew that I would want to be able to put names to faces some day!
  11. Wow! I have a hard time remembering people I served with two years ago! I will say, however, I do remember guys from my platoon in Iraq a lot better than others - and that's been 13 years (hard to imagine it's been that long). I imagine that being with the same set of guys for 2-3 years would really sear details into your memory. I was only with my guys from 9 months.
  12. Observing Veteran's Day

    For the Veteran Community, I will say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Our service is for the country and what is the country if not the great folks in it. People like you Marion - and the other great people I've met here on the forum - are what make the country worth fighting for.
  13. That was really cool! I love the old "40s guy" announcer. On a more serious note, I just wonder how many people were hurt or killed during those early tests and demonstrations. If that thing flips over, you're pretty much done for if your aren't thrown clear - not that that is very good for you either. When we were in Iraq, I always told my guys to buckle up - even in combat. You're not good in a firefight if you are concussed from banging against the inside of the vehicle.
  14. I saw the Lt Dan band while on TAD (TDY to you Army types) to 29 Palms, Ca in 2007. It was really awesome - he does a great job!
  15. Interesting Articles

    The DPAA (http://www.dpaa.mil/) are really unsung heroes of our day. Every week I am hearing about US servicemen being returned to the US after being missing for 75 or more years. It is truly remarkable. I am glad that we in the US still have the will and desire to search for all of our missing servicemen.
  16. Pilot's remains embedded in tree!

    Very interesting Marion. Those DPAA guys do great work. They weren't mentioned, but were certainly involved at some point.
  17. 2017 Seahorse Reunion - 36th and 540th

    So sad I can't make it this year!! Take lots of pictures, Marion! Have a great time!
  18. WWII captain's secret mission

    Very interesting story. I see it's an older book, from 2015, but I had never heard of it or the story. I had heard of Poltava Air Base from one of the WWII magazines, but if they mentioned the captain in the story, I don't recall.
  19. coca cola commercial - priceless

    That was very odd!
  20. Sorry to hear, still, even though it has become so common to hear this sort of news. Part of life, I guess. I suppose it was all of the Civil War guys who were dying at the time of the WWI and all of the Spanish American War vets who were dying about the time of WWII or shortly there after. Farewell, sir! Thank you for your service!
  21. Six Jerks In A Jeep

    Very nice! It's an early music video, it would seem. Much better than the trash that comes out now a days!
  22. Dunkirk

    This was an awesome movie! Not a movie that has a ton of character development, but that's not the point. Great visuals, both CGI and use of real life boats and aircraft. I will warn anyone who has not seen it, there are basically three stories and they are all told simultaneously. What is confusing at first is that each story takes a different time to tell. They tell you how long each story takes right at the beginning (one week, 24 hours and 1 hour, if I remember properly). I just didn't catch on to what they meant at first. All three stories end at the same time. Sound confusing? It's not so bad if you are prepared for it.
  23. 3939th Quartermaster Gas Supply Company

    Great story! (Well maybe not the massive injuries part of it!) Welcome to the forum. We welcome any other stories you might have. As for the unit, Marion, our indefatigable administrator, will no doubt have something for you shortly. Once again, welcome aboard!
  24. Vet Locates Ambulance He Drove During the War

    Crazy! That is super cool!
  25. Land of Mine

    This sounds awesome - and it's a story I hadn't heard of before. It is the story of the German POWs that were used to clear millions of land mines from the Danish coast. The movie focuses on a small group of young (and I do mean young) POWs that had to clear a certain beach for 40,000 or so mines. When they were done, they could go home - not everyone made it. Looking forward to watching it! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3841424/