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  1. CaptO

    At 95 Kennedy Space Center VAB designer...

    Very cool! https://www.nasa.gov/content/vehicle-assembly-building
  2. CaptO

    What the major is up to now

    Update time! So I got the job at Lockheed! I'll be working with the rocket launcher programs (MLRS and HIMARS) in Grand Prairie, Texas. Grand Prairie is in between Dallas and Fort Worth on the Dallas side. I start in May. I'll be living a little closer to Fort Worth and we are pretty close to closing on a house! Busy time at the O'Brien house right now. More to follow!
  3. CaptO

    What the major is up to now

    Well, folks - I'm retired. Hard to believe it, really, but it has finally happened. I'm going to create a separate post on my retirement ceremony, but wanted give everyone a quick update. I haven't been around the site a whole lot lately since I've been job hunting in Texas. I had a good interview with Lockheed so hopefully that will turn into something, but I'm not counting chickens just yet. More to follow on that later. My brick on the walk at the Marine Corps Museum. . . The rest. . . https://www.irista.com/gallery/mmjcpl8nntm2
  4. CaptO

    In memory of the children

    I just listened to a book called KL about the whole concentration camp system. It's a hard read (or listen, in my case) but very informative. I would say that almost no one in the US or beyond has any idea about how they were come about or why they were used. They were mostly for the purpose of eliminating opposition to the regime by frightening people (most were released at least early in KL system) or eventually killing them. Jews always got the hardest of treatment, but the main categories were communists, a-socials, criminals, Catholics, Jehovah's Witnesses, gypsys, Poles, and homosexuals. Once the war kicked off, the life in the KL got much worse and as the NAZIs gained more and more territory, the goal began to morph into complete destruction of Jewry. The mass killings really started in earnest in 43+/-, much later than mist people believe. Many in Auschwitz, for example, belonged to the categories I mentioned earlier. The only Jews that were (late in the war, at least) there were saved because they were strong enough to work. The elderly, infirm, and Women with children were typically sent straight to the killing centers and not even registered in the camp. I realize there is a lot of generalization in the last paragraph, but there were enough exceptions to things, to make a "short" synopsis incredibly difficult to get right. It's well within the ball park, however.
  5. CaptO

    1274th Engineer Construction Battalion

    I find it interesting that something, so mundane (morning reports) at the time, become interesting and precious research material decades later. Our morning reports in the Marine Corps have been done an a computer system for years, so they may, ironically, be much harder to retrieve later.
  6. CaptO

    Happy To Be Here Thank You

    WWWWWWHHHHHHAAAAATTTTTTTTT?????????!!!!!!!! How did I not know this about you??!! That is crazy! I'd love to hear some, M1! Bass, huh? I farted around with bass a little when I was a music major at Loyola New Orleans. I was a trombonist so it seemed a natural transition, if any string instrument is a transition from brass! Didn't go very far. . .
  7. CaptO

    Info on 1017th Treadway Bridge Co

    That's crazy! It's amazing that things like this can appear out of nowhere. I, too, am not optimistic that you will get through to the gentlemen who originally asked, but you never know. Now here is the reason for this website and not just living on things like FaceBook (). Were this on FaceBook, it would never be seen a few days after posting. Thank you, Marion!! Thank you for keeping this website alive to make these things possible!!!
  8. CaptO

    343rd Engineer General Service Regiment

    The troopship website is interesting!
  9. CaptO

    2827th Company C

    That guy on the far right looks pretty young for a WWII vet!!
  10. Great work on the topic Gary and Randy!
  11. CaptO

    American Legion turns 100

    I haven't joined the Legion or VFW yet, but I will at some point. Once I figure out where the heck I am going to be living (contigent on getting a post-Marine Corps job!) I'll figure out what has a stronger presence near by.
  12. Can you point me to your father's log book?  My Grandfather returned home from Italy August 13, 1945 and I would be interested to get a feel for what he went through.

  13. I remember seeing articles about him in the past. Remarkable man. Rest in Peace, sir!
  14. I agree, Marion, the color photos are awesome!