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  1. Thanks Marion, for explaining the breakdown. Other than waiting for info from the vetrecs archieve is there a way to find out the Battalion number, and platoon number my Dad would have been in? How did you locate it for your Dad? Would it be on any documents my Dad would have? I believe I answered my own question that Company A, B, and C of the 344th did not all train at Camp Claiborne if Virginia's Dad is pictured in camp in Michigan. I did find out that my Dad's discharge has Company C 35th Engineers Combat Battalion instead of Company A 344th. Would this mean he made a transfer during the war and his records would be filed under the discharge info?

    I love the idea of you starting the sister site and each unit could have a page. I would love to put the photos and names I have for the 344th A Company on the site. If I could ever help out from the Massachusetts area, I would be happy to. Thanks for your patience. Janet

  2. Here is a contact for the 344th, but please note that it says, Headquarters and Service Co, but I'm sure he'd be able to assist you.


    344th Engr Regt, H&S Co


    Mr. Robert Gilch 919-968-3335

    740 Williams Cir

    Chapel Hill, NC 27516-1526





    I called Mr. Gilch at 919-968-3335 and it was a wrong number. Did a reverse look up for 740 Williams Circle and it comes up with no listed phone number and a different individual. Could you check your info to see if you have a different number for Mr. Gilch, would he live with family?




  3. Hi Josh,


    My dad, Nicholas Joseph Mastrangelo was in A Company 344th engr. regt and I have a photo of 190 men at Camp Claiborne. Lousiana in 1942. I did not find your uncles name, but I looked up his info on NARA

    http://aad.archives.gov/aad/fielded-search...=WR26&bc=sl and saw he enlisted from Boston on 4/14/42. I have just started researching army info, so I am guessing that he may have been at Claiborne, as most of the men in my dad's photo have the same enlistment timing.


    If I can help further, (email removed by Marion for sake of privacy). You can reach Janet by Forum Personal Messenger or Forum Email by clicking on her underlined User Name.



  4. My uncle Morris "Murray" Magnes served in either the 334th or 344th Combat Engineers Brigade (my records on him from the USA vary and are inconsistent) from 1943 through 1945, in Naples, Foggio, Rome, Arno, Po Valley, Rhineland and Central Europe. I have had no luck in tracking down any Web sites with information on either 334 or 344 and would appreciate any help that some one could give about either/or both units.





  5. Janet:


    I hope you will find the following helpful. I've shared this army lesson a few times over the past few years, and in fact just sent this info to a new friend the other day. Welcome to the army! :armata_PDT_01:

    This is using the VI Corps units as an example. The 344th was also a "bastard" or separate unit. Read on...


    This may also help you "picture" it. Each of the "bastard" or separate engineer units were all regiments. Each regiment has either two to three battalions, each battalion has three companies, plus HQ, H&S Co's etc. Here's a breakdown for the four units I am researching:


    36th Engineer Regiment - 2826, 2827, 2828th Battalions

    2826th - A, B and C Companies

    2827th - D, E and F Companies

    2828th - G, H and I Companies


    39th Engineer Regiment - 1st and 2nd Battalions

    1st - A, B and C Companies

    2nd - D, E and F Companies


    540th Engineer Regiment - 2832nd and 2833rd Battalions

    2832nd - A, B and C Companies

    2833rd - D, D, and F Companies


    1108th Engineer Regiment - 48th and 235th Battalions

    48th - A, B and C Companies

    1108th - D, E, and F Companies


    Many times companies were in the same area, but each company within a regiment could be given different assignments, so they did not necessarily work together.


    A company was further broken down into the following:


    1 company = 3 to 4 platoons (normal for an engineer unit)

    1 platoon = 3 squads


    My dad was 540th Combat Engineer Regiment (or later in the war, Group), 2833rd Battalion, H&S Company, 4th Platoon

  6. Marion,


    I read the post of Mar 23, 2005 that talks about a baily bridge across the Volturno. Could you please let me know what book you found this information in as I have a photo of this bridge and the caption reads, "Mundorf Bridge over Voltuano near Raviscanina. This is from the pamphlet my father came home with...The 344th Goes Traveling 1942-1945 edited and printed by Carl G. Long


    Thanks for your help.



  7. Hi Mary Ann,


    I am glad to hear from you. My Dad was from Geneva Ave, Dorchester (Boston) in the 1940's, he moved to Rockland in 1956. He passed away at age 88 in April of 2006.


    My son just completed his BS Eagle project which was preserving military uniforms at a local private library. He started to raise my interest in my fathers army years. I don't have a lot of time to search for info, but little by little I hope to do research via the computer.


    I have a long way to go understanding the breakdown and ranks of the Army! Thanks for the info, does that mean company A and C were at the same locations at the same time?



  8. Hi Virginia,

    Glad to see someone else is looking for info on the 344th. My father Nicholas Joseph Mastrangelo was a sargeant in WWII 344th Combat Engineers A Company that debarked on July 7, 1942 arriving in Gremock Scotland July 14th on the SS Monterey. His travels in Italy were as follows (in his own handwritting) Naples, Bagnoli, Capua, Sparaise, Caprotti, Fornelli, Isernia, Roccamonfina, Castleforte, Coreno, Vallecorsa, Pastena, Capenito, Frascotti (Rome), Isole Farneses, San Lorenzo, Pitigliano, Radicofani, Civitavecchia, Teano, Pasestum, Aversa then to France. His Separation Center was Fort Devens MA on Sept 25,1945. I also have a booklet that shows the travels of the 344th. I don't know how many men make up a "Company" so I don't know if your Grandfather would have been to the same cities at the same time??


    I would love to hear from you or any other Engineers families of the 344th. My Dad would not talk much about his experiences, but I do have bits and pieces of information.


    Janet Mastrangelo-Dane

    Abington MA